Angry homeowners hit out at developer over ‘joke’ new build homes


Angry mortgagees have hit out at a housing developer after finding a catalogue of matters with their new build properties.
Andy Toulson said he had found the problem after an issue with a new townhouse he bought in Castleford, West Yorkshire, and is spar to get developer Avant Homes to treat them.
He branded the affair a “joke”, saying the many matters had destroyed his and his partner’s dream.
Issues at home in an evolution called Elliot Place include a broken staircase, plumbing issues, poor windows that permit cold in, a kitchen that “virtually requires a full replacement”, and a soggy garden.
Other problems have included:
Unsecured dishwater.
A kitchen extractor fan without a flue.
A toilet that won’t stop flushing.
Toulson walked into the Yorkshire property with partner Emma and said: “It’s demolishing our dream.”
He said all guests notice when they strike the many problems, adding: “It’s become a jest house having to explain how the toilet labour.

Homeowners voice outrage over “joke” new build homes

“I perceive that now Avant has our money; they’re uninterested. They have the wealth and parts to fix our difficulty, but their priority is building more and acquiring more people to make money.
“There’s now even a board surface the showhouse on the estate saying Avant is highest rated for customer satisfaction!
“All I want is some truthful information, no rubbish, and some fixed, agreed dates to complete the work.”
Toulson is one of many homeowners who claim to be on the getting end of sub-standard work.
Adam Newman, who walked onto the estate with his wife last February, said: “We have had problems since we moved in and still have the same issues now.
Driving onto the Thomas Cox Wharf property is a challenging task. So I find a nearby spot to park to avoid any danger of harming my car.
I’m here to visit the residents of this new-build evolution Tipton, left frozen in time and incomplete after its developers went bust earlier this year. For them, navigating the raised ironworks and potholes is a daily occurrence.

If they can make it home with their cars still in one piece, it’s judged a success. They bought homes as the development was still to be completed, as is standard practice, with the expectation it would be finished without problems.
But they’re now stuck in ‘no man’s land’ with no guarantees the roads will ever be surfaced to an acceptable standard or the sewers adequately maintained. The furious residents have been told that one of their only remaining options is to pay for the work, which they have labelled “unfair”.
It comes after the incredulous families learned there was no cash available to fix the numerous issues at Thomas Cox Wharf and nearby Alexandra Grange, built by Aurora Living and Mar City, as would typically be expected in the event of a developer going into liquidation.
Sandwell Council said the firms only agreed to allow this to happen after they went bust, despite its efforts to encourage them to do so, and says it’s reluctant to use taxpayers’ cash to finish the work. The result is an impasse, with residents having bought homes on an estate they’re still determining will ever be completed.
It looks like an eyesore; the roads are potentially unsafe, with trip hazards in the form of raised ironworks and vehicle threats. Rainwater pools next to raised kerbs as the drains need to be level with the unsurfaced road.
But the biggest worry for these residents is that the value of their homes is plummeting. Who would want to live here with the roads and sewers in a state? And certainly not at the expected asking price. It’s left these homeowners feeling “trapped”.

New build homes branded a “disgrace” by furious homeowners

They understand the roads are not technically the council’s responsibility but feel that, as council taxpayers, the authority should help them given the exceptional circumstances.
Mum-of-one Aman Kaur, who has lived on the estate for four years, said: “We’re not saying we want to make money off taxpayers, we understand the money is not usually for this, but we want to see what funds can be released.” But she added: “This part of the road is closed ownership. We’re paying council tax for a reason.
“We’re paying, but for what, just to have the bins calm? A few months ago, the lights went out entirely.”
Neighbour Mickey said: “The initial value of the house was just over £200,000, but because of the road and no guarantee it will be finished, we will probably struggle to get £175,000.

“We went into a new-build because you get guarantees and Help to Buy because of the motive, but the value is just dropping.”
Dad Mickey quips that at least the raised ironworks mean there’s no chance of speeding on the estate, but there’s not much else to smile about. He continued: “The Government has let us down.
“My partner and I went with Help to Buy because of the motivation of a new-build. If we buy a new-build house and we’re not being protected, why should we reward back the money we borrowed from you?
“You are tricking us into buying something to increase your interest rates. Getting onto the property ladder without worrying about problems is already hard enough, and if there is no warrant of it being finished, people aren’t going to want to buy the house.”
Aman said: “We’re asking for some assistance from the Government. We’ve saved up a deposit and done the ISA for a new build.

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