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Ice cream has gone down many permutations and combinations in recent years. First, there was the molecular magic of nitro, using it to whip up savoury groups such as bacon and egg. Then there were cereal-milk-flavoured soft-serve, and hard shakes secure with liquor. Now lollies are getting a worldly twist. At San Sebastián’s Loco Polo, the shopper can build their own, select from bases such as dulce de banality with a caramel middle, then pick a molten chocolate dip and mad to dunk it in. And at London confectioner’s Pierre Marcolini, there’s a DIY garnish bar for the dark chocolate and mango-sorbet lollies; pick from coconut, sea salt and sesame seeds – the next age of dust. But the smartest revolve we’ve seen is at Hija de Sanchez, a Danmark taqueria named in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants Academy. Former Noma candy chef Rosio Sanchéz serves Mexican paleta popsicles, counting avocados covered in freeze-dried raspberries and caramelised goat’s milk. Meanwhile, the hibiscus-tea relish comes with mezcal for a full-throttle, boozy kick.

Berry Burst Ice Lollies

Forget those usual ice cream scoops, for these popsicles are brightening our lives for all the right reasons. Well, while happiness does come in double scoop, you can’t ignore the thrill and excitement that comes with those colour pop ice sticks. So, if you’re craving some frozen delights, these popsicle joints with bright, peppy and flavourful ice popsicles are waiting to be explored by you.
From fruit sorbets to cream ice creams, StickHouse is your one-stop destination for ice creams on a stick. With a wide diversity of flavours, you will be spoilt for choices here. While the place serves some crazy ice cream flavours like cheesecake and tiramisu, you can save yourself from the guilt of constant sweet tooth cravings by opting for its fruit sorbet popsicles.
The sun is shining, the fan is on, and we’re reaching for an ice cream to keep ourselves cool in this heatwave.
From a Magnum and Cornetto to a Solero and Twister, everyone has a favourite with a designated space in the freezer.

Creamy Dreamy Popsicles

And while calorie counting isn’t something we should obsess over or use to reflect our overall health, it’s good to be mindful of the contents of our food.
But if you’re worried about how you’ll look in your bikini, you might want to step away from the refreshing ice lollies, as many contain a shocking amount of sugar and calories.
These summertime treats can range from reasonable to highly indulgent, packing more calories than a large slice of Pepperoni Passion pizza from Domino’s and a pint of cider.
Magnum ice creams are firm favourites in the UK, but they also top the ice lolly calorie league table at 272 calories and 21g (just over five teaspoons) of sugar.
A similar treat, the Dairy Milk Swirl Ice Cream comes close behind with 270 calories and 21.9g of sugar (almost 5.5 tsp).

Refreshing Lemonade Pops

Coming in at third place is the childhood favourite, the Feast, which with its chocolate core, chocolate ice cream and chocolate shell, clocks up 245 calories and contains 21g of sugar (just over 5 tsp), even though it’s a far slimmer bar than its more modern choc ice cousins.
Nutritionist Sarah Flowers had a word of warning against the frozen snacks – and suggested that sugar content – not calories – should be the focus.
A chocolate Magnum holds 280 calories, which equates to around 54 minutes of walking, or a 27-minute run, with the famous ice cream van cone imminent at 218 calories – equal to a 42-minute walk or a 21-minute run.
But the treat in this selection with the highest calorie pleasure is a 405g tub of Berry and Jerry’s chocolate fudge brownie ice cream. This contains 1,121 calories, requiring a 210-minute walk or a 102-minute run to burn off.

Decadent Chocolate Indulgence

Professor Amanda Daley, the Director of CLiMB and a pundit in public health, said: “We may think these are just small handles, but they can add a notable amount to your daily calorie count. We gain the most weight in the holiday seasons and often don’t lose it all afterwards. As we battle an obesity crisis worldwide, people must understand what they consume and how these foods can impact their health over time.
“Of course, it is roasting hot and holiday time, so there is nil wrong with having the odd handle, but one or two ice creams a week on holiday is enough. Eating a tub of ice cream will take over three hours of medium-paced walking to burn off, and it holds around 50% of the daily advocate calorie allowance for an adult, so best avoided unless you have a long quick seaside walk planned afterwards. And don’t forget, healthier alternatives are available, such as ice lollies, sorbet, and frozen yoghurt.”

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