Bellingham is Furious After Adidas Predator Boot Destroyed


Jude Bellingham is an expert footballer who presently performs for Borussia Dortmund and the England countrywide organization as a midfielder. Bellingham has an endorsement deal with Adidas and has been seen on the pitch wearing different models of Adidas football boots.

As far as I know at the September 2021 cutoff, it’s unclear which particular boots Judd Bellingham prefers to wear. However, some of the Adidas football boots he has been seen wearing in the past include the Adidas X Ghosted, Adidas Nemeziz, and Adidas Copa.

These boots have rubber spikes on the upper part of the boot which are designed to increase control and accuracy on the ball. Bellingham was also spotted wearing the Adidas x Ghosted boots during the training session. However, it is important to note that professional footballers change their boots often depending on their preferences and pitch conditions.

Judd Bellingham switched Adidas silos and now wears Predator. He joins the likes of Paul Pogba and David Alaba in wearing iconic Adidas boots. The launch of the Adidas Predator Edge marks an unofficial on-pitch debut for the colorway and one of the few to wear the Swarovski crystal edition. His work in midfield makes him the ideal player for the rotation and control offered by the grippy Predator.

Pedry may be part of the press image, but Judd Bellingham was spotted wearing the Pearly Predator Accuracy on game day one. As Borussia Dortmund have always worn clean shades of black and yellow for their kits, the eco-friendly, grippy Control boot managed to stand out on its feet, not to mention contrast with its predominantly white grass.

After a late challenge from Cologne’s Salih Ozkan, which the referee didn’t call as a foul, Bellingham showed off his Adidas Predator Edge fiercely. The shoe forced Bellingham to switch to a different pair.

In the end, the game was paused and Bellingham took his time changing into a pair of ‘Geometry’ special-edition Predator Edge.1 Lows.

There’s no wonder the Predator franchise has a new installment on the way. The prototype has been floating around for a while now, and an early look at the blackout book suggests it’s taking more than just inspiration from the Predator LZ.    

A quick look at a colored version on the feet of Sao Paulo’s Diego Costa this week suggested it would follow suit in the launch colorway, and now it’s confirmed, with Borussia Dortmund’s Jude Bellingham wearing them in his team’s latest match.

Bellingham was one of the players spotted testing the prototype back in October, offering one of the first looks at the next generation of the iconic silos, and now he’s back in them, showing off what should be the launch colorway.    

It’s interesting to see him in Predator because he’s been a COPA man so far. It could be argued that the Predator line has lacked the characters it once boasted – the likes of Zidane, Beckham, and Kaka – and so adding some new blood, particularly as exciting as England man Bellingham, makes a lot of sense.

The next-generation Predator, which will be available in strapless, laced, and low-cut options, is set to receive a dramatic re-design. The famous Demonskin rubber spikes that provided that legendary ball control and spin from the Predator 19, will be replaced in favor of a new technology that appears to take inspiration from the Predator Lethal Zones (LZ) series, which was introduced ten years ago – its tenth anniversary is a fitting one.   

But if you think that technology hasn’t advanced since 2012, you’d be dead wrong. Think of it as a tribute rather than entertainment or a re-release. The thought process and design input behind the LZ, after all, was to deploy ribbed rubber technology in specific zones, as did the Demonskin spike.

Just a few years after his transfer and Bellingham was irreplaceable in Dortmund’s starting XI. This made him one of Adidas’ most important soccer players and thus one of its pack players. He joins the rest of the Predator players in debuting the black and pink ‘Own Your Football’ colorway of the Predator Accuracy.

2022 Al Rihla Predator’s Edge

Bellingham had a good showing at the Qatar World Cup, wearing the Predator Edge Low from the Adidas Al Rihla Pack. A cloudy white base serves as the canvas for multicolored accents on peripherals, branding, and stripes. As with the other silos in the pack, the Al Rihla Predator carries a stylized bespoke graphic that was also seen on the OMB of the same name.

Who’s wearing what in Bellingham?

The West Midlands-born player, who previously wore the laced Kopa Sens, has also been tapped to be one of the headline players for its launch. Being part of the Silo launch, for Adidas no less, reveals Bellingham’s immense potential as a star. 

The innovative FusionSkin technology where leather forelegs seamlessly transition into knits matches the versatility of the rapidly growing English potential. His association with the Predator only cemented that claim.

The 2012 Adidas Predator Lethal Zone caused a bit of a stir at their launch as Adidas chose a launch colorway that was a step away from the traditional color combination of “Black/White/Red” – a deliberate move to highlight the 5 Lethal Zones. On the boot, which consists of strategically positioned areas of rubber to help improve ball control: first touch, dribble, sweet spot, drive and pass. 

And it looks like the new Predator will follow suit, much to the chagrin of those purists out there. But maybe, after 10 years and following Mutator and Freak, people will accept this latest look more. Bellingham’s desire for Adidas boots, in particular the current Copa, suggests his flow to first-crew soccer in Birmingham. 

He wore various Laceless+ and Laced .1 versions of both the Copa 19 and Copa 20. His history with the said boots made it natural for him to continue with Copa Sens. And perhaps in the future, its past association with leather boots could convince Adidas to return the Predator to its leather roots.

Bellingham was a tenacious midfielder who still drove every blade of grass and was gifted with the technical ability to control the ball and execute tackles while fighting under defensive pressure. Because he is still in the early stages of his career, he will be better off using his length, strength, and athleticism as a launch pad to superstar status. He is currently a defensive midfielder for Borussia Dortmund, having joined the Bundesliga side after spending just one first-team season with Birmingham. His number is 22 jersey has been retired by the club in recognition of his immense talent and potential despite his young age.

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