‘Bragging’ motorist caught after operating with no licence for 50 years


A motorist stopped by police had been working without consent for 50 years.
Officers were stunned when they tugged over the 69-year-old in Derbyshire and discovered he had driven five decagons without a permit.
Police said on Saturday that the man passed an operation test, even though he had been backing the wheel since he was a teenager.
The force said he was finally grabbed out after so long because of his “crow”.
It said he had hoodwinked an insurance firm throughout that time by falsely asserting he had an operating licence.

Police seized the man’s car, and he was reported for several driving offences.
Derbyshire Road Policing Unit tweeted a likeness of the man’s car on Saturday.
It said: “The pilot of this automobile has never passed a test for being 69 years old and operating for over 50 years.
“He has systematically provided details to indemnity companies designate that he had a licence, but the flaw in his dastardly plan was bragging.
When the finding was made, his Hyundai was seized, and he was accused of various offences. Supposedly he has driver’s insurance, but only because he asserts to have a driver’s license. But his anxiety wasn’t from an arbitrary stop or a driving violation. Derbyshire Police say he was boasting about his offences. “He has fully provided details to insurance companies designate that he had a license, but the defect in his dastardly plan was bragging,” it said on Twitter. While insurance was obviously of more import to the driver, it makes this even more confusing. Why not just get a license and construct it all legally?

Has this occurred in the U.K. before?

The scary thing about this story of operating without a license isn’t even the most discovery by the police. An 84-year-old man was recently found without permission or insurance, and the police gauge he had been driving this method for over 70 years.
In the U.S. and other countries, databases cross-reference driver’s licenses, vehicle VINs, and insurance. So without the insurance, or vice-versa, approvals occur not on the database having one or the other appear on police license plate readers.
We’ve always thought that merely being intelligent to sign your name gets you close to obtaining a driver’s license. While we expect it is a chunk harder to come by in the U.K., if you’re bright enough to get away with not having one, you’re neat enough to get one.

What’s the fine for a pilot without a driver’s license in the U.S.?

In many states, driving without a driver’s license is either an infraction or a misdemeanor. For a crime, the fine is usually around $250, and for the more serious misdemeanour, it can run up to $1,000 and up to six months in county jail.
But the weird crease in the California Vehicle Code is that you don’t require a driver’s license to list a car there. But you will need one to get car insurance. For driving without car indemnity in California, the United fine with sanction and court costs can run up to $450. Rather than knowing what you do and don’t need to drive, getting a driver’s license, having car insurance, and keeping your car’s registration up to date is much simpler.
A driver who has been on the roads without insurance for five decades has been caught by police. Officers pulled a vehicle over in South Staffordshire after discovering it was uninsured.
But they soon discovered the man behind the wheel did not hold a valid licence and had been driving without insurance for 50 years. He has been reported for driving without insurance, and the vehicle has been seized.

Staffordshire Police’s dogs and armed response unit tweeted: “Upon stopping this uninsured vehicle in the South Staffordshire Police area, we discovered that its driver has been driving for 50 years with no licence. He has been reported, and the vehicle has been seized.”
A man cease by police told officers he had been driving without a licence and insurance for 50 years.
Police pulled over the driver, said to be in his 70s, in Staffordshire on Monday (April 4), only to discover he didn’t have a valid licence. He had been driving without one for five decades, the BBC reported.
In a tweet, Staffordshire police said the man had been reported for driving without a licence or insurance. It means he has been on the roads since 1972 without the proper support.
The police said he was stopped at 13:30 BST on Monday for suspicion of not having insurance.

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