Can anyone receive OCTOPUS Cold Weather Payments?


It will not be surprising to know that octopus card, an IC cash card that can be embedded into IC smart cards, has been applied as an important civilizational and economic measure.

A card-based “mobile wallet” service was built and offered by Japanese companies as a tap-and-pay method of purchases in 2004. In 2009, NTT Docomo Inc., Japan’s largest mobile phone company introduced the world’s first virtual (or “only contactless”) 1st generation eMoney Octopus card. The 2nd generation Octopus Card was unveiled in 2011, the 3rd generation in 2014, and the 4th gen was launched in December 17th, 2018.

The electronic cost collection system developed for companies can be used not only for cash handling purposes. It could also offer customers a myriad of services from paying once by handling all transportation needs to paying without handing anyone their card in crowded places.

Grczosz studied the relationship between handling cash in cold weather and paying inside during winter months. He investigated 288 companies (out of 400 in France) over a six-year period and found results to be statistically significant.

Several factors governed commerce, such as the average temperature, time of day and security risks. Having seen business volumes drop sharply during cold snaps is a potent reminder that consumers may stay at home when temperatures plummet. The study revealed that absolute security risk changes measured by indicator (2 estimates) were not significantly impacted by temperature fluctuations. Shops with higher street visibility seemed to be more resilient when most other variables are held constant, as well as being easier to heat internally.

Octopus Cold Weather Payment

In 2006 Grzósz conducted a study to calculate whether or not Octopus statistics could be broken down by region: southern vs northern cities on the one hand; border towns vs other urban settlements on the other. The distribution of Paguros in summer and winter was also compared.The results of the study were revealing: “The octopus numbers are much higher in rural areas and appear to be lower in urban ones.” The population density of the colonies can have drastic effects on their numbers, as could be seen by the distribution patterns found. The preference for cooler waters is seen to be a determinant in this.

Octopus aims to replicate the workplace of the future, where office walls are bring down, virtual meetings are being leveraged for seamless communication, timelines are more flexible and work satisfies workers on a personal level. October’s mandate is to revolutionize business.

Octopus brings digital technology into the workplace in order to free up time for workers and allocate their skills appropriately. Octopus goes beyond just remittances and payments with cold weather apps. Instead they provide their customers their own mobile devices in order to cut back on technology overheads while giving employees the freedom to take public transportation during snow days so they can avoid traffic jams.

The company also handles every aspect of personal security like insurance policies and financial planning events as well as providing retirement funds because they want customers to have everything planned out before it even happens so there’s no long term worry about savings limits or strict budgeting terms when you work for an Octopus system.

Octopus is another big payment provider in Hong Kong and they offer a wider range of service.

This is one of the electronic funds, which can be used in not only ATMs but also, retail shops, car parks nowadays all across the city. You can use this card whether you are indoors or outdoors because it handles both.

You can apply for this credit card from HK$90 to HK$160 per month (maximum 12 months). The installment fee you’ll need to pay prior to applying for one is HK$98.00; and there are two options for monthly installments (according to 12/21/38 working days per month basis) for sure you get minus charge for returning after 11 working days: on 1st instance ₩80 and on 2nd instance ₩60.This card can be used in Hong Kong and Mainland China, but not in Macau. It does not support ATM withdrawals or cash advances.Cardholder benefits: This card offers the following benefits:- Flexible repayment terms (defer/repay anytime)- No annual fee- Purchase protection coverage up to HKD500,000 (Total) and HKD200,000 on jewellery purchases – Compl imentary travel insurance – Complimentary car rental- Complimentary membership in ShopBack, a cashback service for online shopping- $100 cash back per yearPurchases made at popular Hong Kong stores and paid within 14 days of purchase are eligible for this card.

The octopus card is a contactless smart card which was first introduced by Hong Kong, Shenzen and Macao area business in 1997.

It differs from the London Oyster card which means that it can only be carried on them, while the oyster card can be transported by event. Additionally, although it met the International Standard Organisation’s ISO/IEC 14443 Type A standard, the octopus card incorporated additional proprietary content security and has tokenized transaction data. Input is codified using 3 patterns: Mag stripe – similar to cheques or credit cards; Oct panel – eight digit PIN code consisting of four numbers followed by the letter for A-K; Preset keys on telephone dial pad with +\- signs (for example\86+79+65).

We emphasize that Hong Kong Octopus Card is one of its ancestors. The latter abandoned in favor of opening up relations with all over world.

It takes a long time for the old way to go through all the process of uploading, logging in and making payment.

Octopus cold weather payment service logo

We all love the convenience that shopping online provides us, especially when we don’t have to go down to the store. And for some of us, it’s not a matter of option, when is says winter arrives we struggle to find a way to complete simple tasks like placing an order with coffee and croissant in hand. Melbourne has been cold and wet this winter but thankfully there are now payment services that allow you to pay for your coffee just by tapping on your phone. With October App everyone can place orders in seconds without having to dig out their wallet or switch off the heater- even if they’ve left it at home.

What are octopus cold weather payments?

Octopus cold weather payments can be handy if you’ve forgotten your wallet or lost weight and don’t feel comfortable taking “cold money” from someone else’s belongings. You pay by a tap of a button from your smart phone.The Octopus card can be used to pay for public transport, top-up your contactless bank card at the same time, and is accepted in over 120 countries. It can also be used as an ID on board commercial flights.

The new payment method shields users from disasters.

Connecting the Surf content bank with local, secure dashboards and our cashless ‘buyer-to-merchant’ network to deliver products and services months before disaster strikes will help us creates micro-economies in our local communities during crucial ‘off-peak’ periods.

When temperatures drop significantly, October Financial becomes concerned that the devices on customers’ cards would break, resulting in them being completely unusable.

Fortunately, they have created an offline option that can provide a solution.

This is done by providing a so-called “cold cash” solution to those clients who already have an offline payment

system and by redesigning a mobile app with cold weather in mind.

OCTOPUS provides a rewarding, personal experience for its customers. Whether someone is stopping by for their morning coffee or grabbing a cold beer after work, employees aim to cultivate a WOW-ful customer service experience – from the welcoming attitude to the pat on the back.

North American animals such as people and octopuses have never experienced this kind of temperature shift before. As a consequence, their bodies are not suited for the winter season, which may be fatal for octopuses living on the seafloor. While octopuses’ motor skills are hindered by the winter’s colder temperature, their eyesight is enhanced as deep water makes it easier for them to detect prey.

Payment focus on octopus card which is the second most popular one in Japan, consecutively for 8 years. Overseas citizens are the biggest demographic who hold cards. And that is because more than half of them travel over to Japan for a short period every year to take advantage of tourist discounts and promotions.

Terminologies such as “POS,” “card issuer,” and “foreign currency conversion fee” are often confusing for first-time users. However with these programs and innovations, overseas businesses can save efforts and be flexible with their busy lives without having to worry about the fluctuations in different currencies, or the process of converting them into their country’s exchange rate on vacation.

To fight against the effects of climate change, many companies are considering to engage in cold weather payments.

The global crisis is a sufficient reason forcing environmentalists to task the decisive actions when it comes to climate change.

Cold weather is one of the most unusual types of rare weathers we can experience in Scotland.

The higher the number of cold days, the higher the chance that people will be wary of lowering down their heating all year round.

This can result in either a sky-high utility bills or at least greatly reduced living standards. The snappier payments offered by Octopus can be a handy solution to this problem and they take the hassle out of pretending to be an expert on offset systems just so you can make your repayments on time.

Why are these cold weather payments a cause for a big deal in Scotland?

With cases of the cold weather had spiked substantially, Apple Pay has caused a stir among the Scots. This was due to Apple Pay’s (aapl) official account in Scotland getting flooded with complaints without warning.

The octopus charity was established in order to help those people who are experience the cold weather but are unable to work security.

Employees of this charity can largely look outside of the window and know what time the citizens have to go to the workplace or school. This charity navigates around the difficulties of work and school schedules with a simple and intuitive interface.

Octopus and Contactless payments, the two leading UK payment services providers have completed warm hands trials and begun auto-enrollingcold weather vouchers into their systems.

The trial allowed card holders to pay for their bus journeys by touching their card to a reader rather than getting, on average, 3 fingers deep in their pocket.

October has created late-night cold weather safety payments which offer discounted contactless fares that are available on Saturday 5pm-8am and Sunday 1am to Monday 4am.

Do you know what to do when there’s an unexpected disaster.

Whenever winter ices over the watery parts of the world, temperature drops with much happening in weather and society.

Just like doctors gain new skills during a natural disaster, ice breakers get a boost in knowledge, their best way to earn cold cash – without having to freeze their butts off.

When ice-covered waters are an inevitability rather than an eventuality take the likeliest events into account and move past prophylactic measures before it’s too late for your company’s bottom line and reputation.

You should have emergencies plans ready for these types of disasters. If your company is a one man show or doesn’t want to commit straightaway – don’t worry, here’s 3 hacks that’ll help you: 1) Keep a notebook in your pocket that contains your driving license, insurance card, address book and emergency contact numbers.2) Create an unlikely but plausible name for each member of your team – this could be anything from “Mr Fuzzy Bunnies” to “The Invisible Man”. Also include their email address, phone number and where they can be contacted.3) Create a fake company website with lots of fancy pictures and description. Include links to social media profiles. We offer everything from pizza to karaoke, with a variety of drinks for every type of person!

Online payments for electricity in Scotland are a brief few clicks away now that the button is available on Sept. 29th. Particularly in greater Glasgow, families can now rejoice that they can make the right decision on whether or not to keep their houses warm during those cold winter nights with just the click of a button.

In less than 24 hours, the rollout of cold winter payments began across Scotland, which would allow households to decide on when and how much heating to use or employ given the temperature outside.

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