Downing Street Holidays. Reese-Mog refuses to apologize for calling the party gate scandal “fluffy” as the first fine imposed by Metropolitan Police


Jacob Rees-Mogg refused to apologize for calling the Downing Street party gate scandal “fluffy” or “mostly trivial.”
Answering questions from guests on LBC, the Brexit minister said that party affiliation was “not the most important point in the world” as the war in Ukraine continued.
Mr. Reese-Mog said some coronavirus rules were in place at the time party gate scandal, and they were “inhuman.”
Mr. Reese Mogg was fired last month. Downing Street և Dispute over Whitewall throughout the party as a slight “fluff.”

Reese-Mogg said his comments were “completely reasonable.”
“Asymmetric fluff of politics.”
Speaking Conservative Spring Conference in Blackpool last month, the Minister of Brexit said War in Ukraine showed that “part gate” is not a severe problem in principle.
“It reminds us that the world is serious, that there are serious things that need to be discussed, that serious decisions need to be made by politicians,” he said during a live recording of his Moggcast podcast.
“Whether it is about reopening oil wells in the North Sea or getting rid of the ‘anxiety’ of large sections of society, now no one cares whether the word ‘handle’ will be used. Insult people.
“All this nonsense comes out because it’s small … I would say the same party gate: “It all comes down to the disproportionate fluff of politics, that it was more of a fundamental seriousness about world security, an established world order.”
“My voters want an apology, not a resignation.”
“Completely reasonable” comments
If he would apologize for his comments, Mr. Reese-Mogg said: “No, I’m not going to do that.
“What I’m going to do is try to make it contextual. We have a war in Ukraine, with atrocities and pictures showing enormous brutality—Putin’s army.
“And what I was telling was in the context of what is happening, not only in connection with Ukraine but also with the cost of living crisis. This is not the most significant issue in the world. That said, people should obey the law.

Mr. Rees-Mogg added that his comments were “completely reasonable.”
“I think these words are completely reasonable in the context of what is happening in Ukraine,” he said.
“I do not think the question of what may or may not have happened on Downing Street սկզբունք what we are finding out now is fundamental.
“I think it’s fundamental that we look at it [COVID-19] “How the rules were drafted, what impact they had because I think some of those rules were inhumane.”
But the official spokesman for the Prime Minister later refused to confirm Mr. Reese-Mogg’s assertion that some coronavirus rules were “inhumane,” telling reporters. “The government is in the best interests of the United Kingdom.”
The police impose first-party fines.
The Prime Minister “did not mislead the parliament.”
The government minister also denied allegations that Boris Johnson had misled parliament by violating party rules.
He admitted that the people “were undeniably crucified” but insisted that Mr. Johnson did not mislead the parliament, assuming that the Prime Minister had been given “wrong information.”
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“The prime minister said that he was told that the rules had been observed, but it turned out that it was not right. We know that fines have been imposed now, but the prime minister can only work on the information given to him.”

“If the prime minister is told the wrong information, they pass it on. He deliberately did not make any effort to mislead.”
To the question of whether the Prime Minister should resign if the Metropolitan Police receives a notification about the fine, Mr. Reese-Mogg added: “I’m not going to answer hypothetical questions.”
His comments came as another government minister told Sky News that now was not the time. Self-contained leadership competition “If Mr. Johnson is fined for a party game.
First fines for partygate
Asked if the prime minister should resign if fined, Welsh Secretary-General Simon Hart told Sky News that he believed “the world has come a long way.”
He said most of his constituents “apologize but do not want to resign.”
At the same time, Labor leader Sir Kir Starmer said the general public had “a right to know” which high-ranking Downing Street officials had been fined.

“They are fooling the public again,” he told reporters.
His comments came after it emerged that the Met had imposed fines in connection with the case that Downing Street events were held last night of the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral last year.
Last week, Scotland Yard issued 20 fixed penalty notices to those present blocking-violation Downing Street և Whitehall’s parties.
The Daily Telegraph reports that one of them is the former head of government ethics, Helen McNamara.
According to the newspaper, Mrs. McNamara received a fine of 50 pounds on Friday in connection with her vacation in the office on June 18, 2020, to celebrate the departure of the Secretary-General.

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