Ely riots: What occurs to cause ‘unacceptable’ violent disorder in Cardiff?


Riots broke out in Cardiff on Monday evening in a significant incident that saw police officers come under attack.
The disorder occurred in Ely in the Welsh capital, shortly after 6 pm, and two police cars were set on fire.
Two teenage boys died in a ram before the rampage broke out, South Wales Police said, but the relation between their deaths and the rioting remains unclear.
Some of those involved in rioting wore balaclavas, and paving slabs were raised from the ground and tossed at police. Up to 12 officers are idea to have been injured.
Police officers accepted what they called “large-scale disorder”, with two small cars torched as trouble required scores of youths to flare for hours.
Specially-trained public order officers were positioned as several vehicles were set alight, the property was damaged, and officers were injured.
Scenes being live-streamed on YouTube showed young people tossing fireworks and another projectile at a line of police officers with uproar shields who were congesting one end of the street.

Overview of the Ely riots and their significance

Shortly ahead, a car was set on fire at midnight, while a second vehicle was reversed and torched.
Police, counting mounted officers on horseback, were seen outside Ely police station in the prompt hours of Tuesday after suggestions it could be targeted.
Shortly before 3 am, rioters moved down Highmead Road in Ely, followed by police officers trying to disperse them.
The rioters continued to throw missiles and set cars alight.
Rioters also set rubbish and wheelie bins dismount as they continued to walk through the streets by armoured police.
South Wales Police said the collision had already occurred when officers arrived, and they endured on the scene to manage “large-scale clutter” until the early hours of Tuesday morning.
Specially-trained public order officers were deployed, counting officers from neighbouring police forces, as several vehicles were set alight, the property was harmed, and officers were injured.
A fire was flaming, and a helicopter could be perceived hovering overhead as rioters threw missiles at the attended officers, including fireworks.
Assistant Chief Constable Mark Travis said: “The level of violence towards emergency services and the damage to property and vehicles was unacceptable.
Cars were put on fire, and fireworks were shot at police officers during an uproar in Cardiff last night.
Tensions make a crack point on Monday night as riots insolvent out after police were called to the scene of a ram in Ely.
Officers faced a “large scale disorder” after getting reports of the crash on Snowden Rd around 6 pm.

Early reports suggest hundreds gathered at the scene after false hearsay spread online about a police chase in the area.
The Police and Crime Commissioner Alun Michael, in South Wales, said a mortal road chance “sparked” the rioting.
He told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “My understanding is that there was a traffic accident involving two teenagers on an off-road bike or scooter, and sadly, they died. That’s an incident that is being probed in its own right.
“And that appears to have sparked, for ground that isn’t clear, the disorder… in which something, namely a dozen officers, was injured.
“Fortunately, none of them are life-threatening, and their connection is far from clear.
“So obviously, there will be investigations going on this morning to try and start what happened.
“It would materialize that there were rumours, and that hearsay became rife, of a police chase, which wasn’t the case, and I believe it illustrates the rate with which gossip can run around with the pursuit that goes on social media nowadays, and that incident can get out of hand.”
On Tuesday morning, police said arrests had been made, with more set to follow, adding there will be an increase in police presence in the area this week.

Understanding Cardiff’s social and economic background

Condemning the violence as “completely unacceptable”, Assistant Chief Constable Mark Travis said: “These are scenes we do not await to see in our communities, especially a close-knit community such as Ely. We received many calls from residents who were understandably scared by the actions of this large group intent on causing crime and disorder.”
He said the force focuses on “fully investigating the circumstances of the collision and the scenes that observe”.
At least two cars were placed on fire as the problem flared for hours, involving scores of youths, with some awning their faces with masks.
A fire was flaming, and a helicopter could be heard hanging overhead as rioters threw missiles at the attended officers, including fireworks.
Police said the collision “had already happened when officers arrived”.
Live-streamed scenes on YouTube exhibit young people hurling fireworks and another projectile at a line of police officers, with uproar targets congesting one end of the street.
Shortly before midnight, a car was placed on fire and smoulder fiercely, while a second vehicle was reversed and set ablaze.

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