Erling Haaland Everton: A Match Made in… Maybe Not?


Rumors about Erling Haaland Everton collaboration are spreading as the Norwegian goal-scoring machine currently tearing up the Premier League for Manchester City, and Everton, the Merseyside club with a rich history and passionate fanbase, might not seem like an obvious pairing. Yet, whispers of a potential connection between the two have rumbled through the footballing world for the past few months.

This article delves into the intrigue surrounding Haaland and Everton, exploring the questions on everyone’s minds:

Has Erling Haaland Everton Collaboration ever happened?

No, Erling Haaland has never played for Everton. In fact, his professional career has only involved three clubs: Molde FK, RB Salzburg, and Borussia Dortmund, before his big move to Manchester City in 2023. However, there was a brief period in 2017 when, as a teenage prodigy, Haaland’s name was linked with a potential move to Everton’s academy. Ultimately, he chose Salzburg, setting him on the path to the global stardom he enjoys today.

Why are there rumors about Haaland and Everton now?

The recent speculation about Haaland and Everton stems from a few factors:

  • Haaland’s release clause: Haaland’s contract with Manchester City includes a €200 million release clause that becomes active in 2024. This has naturally fueled speculation about his future, with some suggesting he could be tempted by a big-money move elsewhere.
  • Everton’s new ownership: In 2023, Everton was acquired by Farhad Moshiri, an Iranian-American businessman known for his deep pockets. This has led to speculation that the club could now afford to attract and pay big-name players like Haaland.
  • Everton’s attacking struggles: Despite their passionate support, Everton haven’t consistently challenged for major trophies in recent years. Their lack of a prolific goalscorer has been a key weakness, making the idea of signing a world-class talent like Haaland tantalizing for fans.

Could Haaland actually join Everton?

While the possibility of Haaland playing for Everton cannot be entirely dismissed, it remains highly unlikely for several reasons:

  • Haaland’s current form and ambitions: Haaland is at the peak of his powers at Manchester City, playing under Pep Guardiola in a team vying for domestic and European titles. It’s difficult to imagine him leaving such a setup unless for an even bigger club challenging for the Champions League.
  • The astronomical cost: Even with Moshiri’s wealth, Everton would face a massive financial hurdle in signing Haaland. The €200 million release clause, coupled with his sky-high wages, would be a heavy burden on their finances.
  • Everton’s current standing: While Everton are on the rise under Sean Dyche, they are still some way off competing with the likes of Manchester City for top players. Attracting a talent like Haaland would require consistent Champions League qualification and genuine title challenges, which are not yet within their immediate grasp.

So, what’s the bottom line?

The prospect of Erling Haaland playing for Everton is a romantic notion for the Toffees’ fans, but the reality is that a move seems highly improbable at this stage. While Everton’s ambition and Moshiri’s financial backing should not be underestimated, the gulf between their current standing and Haaland’s aspirations is currently too wide to bridge.

However, never say never in the ever-unpredictable world of football. If Everton continue their upward trajectory and establish themselves as genuine contenders, perhaps one day they could tempt even a superstar like Haaland to Goodison Park. But for now, it’s likely to remain a tantalizing dream rather than a realistic possibility.

Beyond the Transfer Rumors: Other Aspects of the Haaland-Everton Connection

While the transfer speculation dominates the headlines, there are other intriguing aspects of the Haaland-Everton connection:

  • Haaland’s admiration for Duncan Ferguson: The legendary Everton striker Duncan Ferguson is Haaland’s boyhood idol. Haaland has spoken of his admiration for Ferguson’s playing style and his influence on his own development as a goalscorer.
  • Everton’s young Norwegian talent: Everton have recently signed several promising young Norwegian players, including Kristoffer Klaesson and Isak Vold Johannessen. Haaland has taken an interest in their progress, offering encouragement and advice.
  • The shared fighting spirit: Both Everton and Haaland embody a never-say-die attitude and a relentless pursuit of goals. This shared fighting spirit could be seen as a potential cultural fit should a transfer ever materialize.

Erling Haaland Injury Latest: Delayed Comeback & Impact on Manchester City

Erling Haaland, the prolific Norwegian striker who has taken the Premier League by storm, remains sidelined with a foot injury he sustained in December. This section delves into the latest updates on his recovery, Guardiola’s comments, and the potential impact on Manchester City.

Injury Details and Timeline:

  • Haaland picked up the injury during Manchester City’s 1-0 defeat to Aston Villa on December 6, 2023.
  • Initial reports suggested a stress fracture, causing alarm among fans and pundits. However, Pep Guardiola quickly clarified that it was not a fracture but a “bone bruise” with associated pain.
  • Initially expected to return within a few weeks, Haaland’s recovery has been slower than anticipated. He missed City’s final games of 2023 and has yet to feature in 2024.

Guardiola’s Comments:

  • Guardiola has provided regular updates on Haaland’s progress, emphasizing caution and prioritizing a full recovery.
  • Following City’s win over Everton on December 28, Guardiola stated that Haaland “feels better” but is not yet ready to return to full training.
  • He further clarified that Kevin De Bruyne, another injured player, was closer to returning than Haaland.
  • Most recently, on January 17, Guardiola reiterated that Haaland is still training individually and not yet with the team, suggesting his return won’t be immediate.

Impact on Manchester City:

  • Haaland’s absence has undoubtedly impacted Manchester City, although they have managed to cope relatively well.
  • City have won all their five matches in 2024 without Haaland, but have lacked his clinical finishing and attacking presence.
  • Guardiola has adapted his tactics, relying more on Julian Alvarez and Phil Foden, but the team’s attacking output has dropped slightly.
  • Haaland’s return will be a major boost, especially with crucial Champions League knockout matches approaching.

Has Haaland returned to training?

No, as of January 17, 2024, Erling Haaland has not yet returned to full training with the Manchester City team. He is still training individually and undergoing his rehab program. Guardiola’s latest update suggests his return is not imminent, but progress is being made.

Top FAQs about Erling Haaland & Everton Answered

1. Is Haaland ever joining Everton?

Highly unlikely at present. While Everton’s ambition and Moshiri’s wealth shouldn’t be ignored, the gap between their current standing and Haaland’s ambitions is currently too wide. However, football is unpredictable, so never say never entirely.

2. Has Haaland played for Everton before?

No, Haaland has never played for Everton. As a teenager, there were whispers of him joining their academy, but he chose Salzburg instead.

3. Why are there rumors about Haaland and Everton now?

  • Haaland’s €200 million release clause in 2024 fuels transfer speculation.
  • Everton’s new ownership under Moshiri raises financial possibilities.
  • Their lack of a prolific goalscorer makes an elite talent like Haaland appealing.

4. Is Haaland injured now?

Yes, Haaland has been out with a foot injury since December 6th, 2023. It’s a bone bruise, not a fracture, but his recovery has been slower than expected.

5. When will Haaland return from injury?

Uncertain. He’s still training individually, not with the team. Guardiola doesn’t expect an immediate return, but progress is being made.

6. How is Haaland’s injury affecting Manchester City?

They’ve coped well without him, winning all their 2024 matches so far. However, they lack his attacking presence and their output has slightly dropped. His return will be a significant boost, especially for Champions League games.

7. Does Haaland admire anyone from Everton?

Yes, he’s a big fan of Everton legend Duncan Ferguson, his childhood idol. Haaland has spoken of Ferguson’s influence on his own development as a goalscorer.

8. Are there any young Norwegian players at Everton?

Yes, Everton have signed promising young Norwegians like Kristoffer Klaesson and Isak Vold Johannessen. Haaland has shown interest in their progress and offered them encouragement.


While his return timeline remains uncertain, Erling Haaland’s recovery is progressing, albeit slower than initially hoped. Manchester City have managed well in his absence, but his return will provide a significant offensive upgrade and will be eagerly awaited by fans and manager alike.

The saga of Erling Haaland and Everton is far from over. While a transfer to Goodison Park seems unlikely in the immediate future, the club’s upward trajectory and Moshiri’s financial muscle could change the equation down the line. Moreover, the connection transcends mere transfer

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