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Can you tell us about the show?

Wolfblood is a fantasy drama about a girl called Maddy Smith and her friend Rhydian who appear normal but are secretly part of an ancient race called wolfbloods. They have razor sharp senses with an amazing sense of smell, are incredibly fast and super strong. They also change into wolves every full moon…

Maddy’s senses help her sniff out Rhydian on his first day at her school Bradlington high. Before he came along hers was the only family of wolfbloods she knew, but his arrival makes her secretive life a lot more complicated! Its hard enough being a teenager but being a wolfblood teenager is a whole different ball game!

What is a Wolfblood?

A wolfblood is a special breed of human/wolf who have lived among us for centuries, disguising their abilities and blending in as much as possible. Although having ultra cool abilities such as being able to pick out a scent from a mile away or hear ultrasound, it also makes it hard for Maddy to act ordinary around humans.

Maddy and Rhydian have to keep their special abilities secret, which is frustrating as they can’t run fast in public or explain a lot of their actions. They also can’t tell any of their friends who they truly are.

After a wolfblood’s first transformation, you can change at any time and it is harder to control when you’re angry. Rhydian has this problem a lot! Once you’ve learnt to control your wolf-self though you can choose to change at any time you like.

What’s your character like?

Maddy is an interesting character. Although she appears tough and strong on the surface she also spends a lot of her time worried and scared about what will happen when she has her first transformation. During the show you see Maddy sometimes struggle to juggle being both a normal schoolgirl and a wolfblood, especially as she can’t always be honest with her best friends. This all changes when Rhydian comes along as she finally has a friend she can be herself around and share her special abilities with.

How do Maddy and Rhydian get on?

When Rhydian enrolls at Maddy’s high school she instantly recognises the wolfblood scent on him, just like on her parents. However Rhydian is more cautious of Maddy as she is the first connection he has ever had to the world of wolfblood and until meeting her thought he was the only one. Eventually though both he and Maddy are grateful to have someone their age with this special secret in common, but Rhydian finds it hard to blend in the way Maddy’s parents teach her to and would rather run wild…

What’s it like on set?

It was a really intense shoot but it was lovely to work with such a nice cast and crew and we all worked extremely hard as a team!

What would you do if you were a Wolfblood in real life?

If I were a wolfblood in real life I would apply for the Olympics as I could beat everyone, I’d also use my special hearing to hear conversations!

Is it hard to act like a wolf?

Its harder to portray the feeling before transformation as that’s the idea we need to make clear to the audience so they know what we are going through!

Where was the show filmed?

We filmed in and around Rowlands Gill and Blanchland, which are both in the north east of England. We filmed in a real school, plus in nearby fields and woods that would get quite creepy at night with our fake smoke. It was also freezing cold – sometimes I had to wear three coats and two hot water bottles.

How long did it take to film the series?

It took three months to film Wolfblood as it’s a 13 part series and each day would consist of half a dozen scenes a day.

Who are your mates on set?

We were all friends on set because we all spent so much time together. Bobby who plays Rhydian is probably the cast member I’m closest to as most of our scenes were together. We all keep in touch outside Wolfblood though.

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