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Mr. Ferrari struck the caller John, calling him “weak John” many times պատճառով for apologizing to Hitler because the caller was defending himself. Russia. John called Bethnal Green to discuss the ongoing war with Russia and Ukraine. The conversation with host Nick Ferrari quickly escalated after discussing which parts of Europe Russia has occupied.
Mr. Ferrari added: “Excuse me, excuse me, have you ever really read anything about foreign countries? Are you aware that Russia annexed Crimea?”
“Are you aware?”
Caller John said. “Yes, I understand the situation there.”
Mr. Ferrari said. “Are you aware? Are you aware that they have occupied South Ossetia?”
The caller asked indignantly. “Well, what do you suggest we do?”
Mr. Ferrari said. “No, I’m asking a few questions; we’ll do it this way.
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Mr. Ferrari said. “John, you are weak, you have no backbone, you are a lily lover, you are weak, you are weak, John Bethnal Green.”

Caller John added: “Nick, Nick, yes, of course, I am. “If you knew me, I would be in charge of Bethany Green.”
Mr. Ferrari said. “Excuse me?”
Caller John laughed before adding: “You make me laugh with people like you, you will not face thieves, you will allow someone to break into the neighbors next to you ….”
Mr. Ferrari added: “I tell you, I know I’ll meet someone who authorizes troops to rape, to kill my friends. You’re weak John Bethany Green, weak John.”
A radio presenter has “denied” a Vladimir Putin and Russia defender from following his show in an unusual blaze.
LBC’s Nick Ferrari said he would bring “serious effort” against the caller “if I ever catch you listening again.”
It came on the first anniversary of Russia’s brutal attack on Ukraine.
According to the United Nations, slightly 8,000 civilians have been destroyed, with 13,300 injured, though the number is likely far higher.
More than 10 million people have been compelled to leave their homes.
The caller, Chris, told Ferrari there is a “US/NATO narrative… without any proper chronological context” about Russia’s invasion.

Since the invasion began, NATO has backed Ukraine in defense of their country, infuriating Russia.
Ferrari told the caller: “Why don’t you simply look yourself in the mirror and question yourself… why you would go for the phone to call LBC and start telling Putin is in some way, form, or form, unfairly treated? He’s a ruthless dictator who picked a war that he will lose, and his troops behave in a nearly subhuman way.
“You are banned from attending this show. I’m glad you’re laughing; you can attend all the other presentations. If I ever catch you hearing again, I will take severe action because I am ill and tired of my bloodstained back teeth of people attempting to pretend that this is anything but an episode on the Ukraine people… listen to the remainder of the station, don’t ever listen to me.”

Speaking to Nick Ferrari at Breakfast on LBC on the anniversary of the Russian aggression on Ukraine, one company told Nick they “didn’t buy into the US and Nato narrative” of the Ukraine war and believed the “historical context” justified Putin’s invasion, at the dismay of Nick Ferrari who subsequently banned the caller from his show.
Ferrari said: “Listen to the rest of this station. Don’t ever listen to me.”
Nick shut down the caller: “I’m getting a little tired of people who want to support a regime that factually… rapes women and abducts children.”
The caller opposed “Nato rape in Afghanistan.”
This arrives after Volodymyr Zelenskyy blamed the Russian troops for “medieval” barbarism over reports of rape being used as a spear of war and the massacre of detainees and civilians in Ukraine.

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