Royal Family ‘has immoral victim to the culture wars, say specialist


Experts have summonsed the Royal Family to fall victim to the “culture wars” amid the result of the Sussexes’ leave from the UK.
In a panel dialogue on the ‘Future of the Monarchy’ — throw by Yahoo News UK’s royal administrative editor Omid Scobie — journalist and broadcaster Afua Hagan said the kingship had become more divisive than ever, citing Windsor’s treatment of Meghan Markle and ensuing family estrangement as a more polarised society.
“The Royal Family have fallen sufferer to the culture wars – it’s assumed if you like Meghan, then you’re a lefty; if you like Kate, then you’re right, you vote this way, you vote that way,” Hagan said, addressing the panel.
“It’s so polarised, and you’re right in saying that is not the monarch’s role – it is to unify people, and they have done the opposite.
“They have done the facing in the treatment of Meghan,” she added.

Critical Analysis and Discussion.

She also argued that enter members of the Royal Family have a history of being handled poorly, facing media charges against the Princess of Wales — but said that the organization had taken action on her behalf.
“Let’s also not forget how the Royal Family closed that down, it took a while, but they did shut it down,” Hagan said.
“They did charge Carole [Middleton] as a working-class woman who masticates gum, so they didn’t shut it down. It moves on for years,” Robert Jobson, biographer and regal editor of The Evening Standard, interjected during the panel discussion.
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s popularity has dropped remarkably among Americans. The couple walked to Montecito, California, in 2020, and their support has dwindled since their Netflix exceptional and interviews release. According to a Redfield & Wilton poll managed on February 19, Prince Harry collected a -10 approval rating, while Meghan’s acceptance rating was even lower at -17.

As documented in his interviews and memoir, the couple’s negative ratings come amid a dispute over Prince Harry’s admission of drug use. After the revelations, traditionalist think-tank The Heritage Foundation has called for Prince Harry’s visa appeal to be made public to secure he did not receive special treatment when applying. US exodus authorities have until April 12 to respond to a Freedom of Information appeal filed by the foundation. If Prince Harry falsifies his visa application, it could affect any new visa appeal and even see him barred from suing for US citizenship.
Speaking on TalkTV, royal specialist Charles Rae said the couple’s support had waned recently. “Both Harry and Meghan got a lot of support from America when it all occurred when Megxit happened. But that bear has been dwindling quite a lot just recently, and I’m pretty sure Americans do not sight Harry and Meghan as the golden couple they once were.”

Royal Family as Immoral Victims of Culture Wars

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have collected criticism in the media and from some organs of the public since moving down as senior members of the royal family in 2020. However, they have also obtained support from others who believe they have faced unfair treatment from the British press and the royal family.
Senior lawyer Samuel Dewey told The Mail on Sunday: “It is in the public attentiveness to know how Prince Harry replies to the drug question.
“If he has been sincere and open about his medicine use, and there is no reason to trust he has not been, it could well be that he marked the ‘yes’ box, in which case he would require a waiver to allow a visa to be admitted into the States.
The story is told in Harry’s memoir, Spare, and he says the word was often used to report him within his own family.

What Can the Royal Family Do?

“They would say it without a soul of judgement but straight out. I was the shadow, the object actor, the plan B,” he writes in a relocation of the book’s Spanish edition.
“I was brought into this earth in case something occurred to Willy,” he writes, utilizing the label that saw Prince William as “Willy” and Prince Harry as “Harold”.
The saying “an heir and a spare” mention aristocratic families needing an heir to assume a title or an estate. The “spare” is the younger sibling who could be the renewal if anything happened to the heir before they had their children.
It annoyed Prince Harry enough to use it as a title for his book. It taps into the longstanding strain of this uncertain royal substitute role, where there’s wealth and right but no apparent sense of purpose.

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