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It feels like a permanent since we last caught up with John B and our favorite Pogues, but the wait for new attacks of Outer Banks is nearly over! Outer Banks season 3 will beat Netflix in shorter than 24 hours, with the new season lighting up on Netflix worldwide on Feb. 23 for fans to enjoy.
When we last went to the Pogues, they had found themselves stranded on a desert island after losing the gold to the Camerons. Jump ahead to season 3; the Pogues have made themselves home on the island, which they now dub Poguelandia.
While the season might begin with the Pogues finishing their days fishing, swimming, and living a carefree life, they are quickly thrust back into the center of a race for a new treasure — one bigger than any of they’ve sought out before.

The third season of the teen treasure-hunting drama sequence is set to be a wild passage for all our fave characters. After running Ward Cameron in the season 2 finale, the Pogues are stranded (but thriving!) on a desert island. Drama, chaos, and shenanigans ensue, but how considerably dangerous will the squad find themselves in now?
Outer Banks season 3 comes on Netflix worldwide on Feb. 23. As usual, Netflix will remove the new season at midnight Pacific Time. However, the exact time it will appear on your personal Netflix account will depend on where you live.
Here’s an extensive list of worldwide release times, so you know precisely when Outer Banks season 3 will become available in your country.

What occurs in Outer Banks season 3?

Outer Banks season 3 likes up from where we left off at the back of season 2. The Pogues (John B, JJ, Pope, Kie, Sarah, and rookie Cleo) escaped the ship and made it to dry land called Poguelandia. Based on the camper, they’re saved by an aircraft and are soon brought home and reunited with their families.
Elsewhere, Ward Cameron still possesses the gold and the Cross of Santo Domingo, Sarah holds a firearm, JJ has a machete, Rafe runs rogue, and a new prize hunt involving El Dorado seems to be afoot. Oh, and John B eventually reunites with his dad, Big John!
We expect Season 3 to be packed with more action, adventure, and romance. The last time we visited the Pogues in Outer Banks’ Season 2 finale, they chased after the coveted Cross of Santo Domingo. While they did not call their hands on the ultimate prize, the Pogues at least ran, mainly whole.

Put in the Outer Banks of North Carolina; the string tracks a group of teens learned as the Pogues, who live, as John B. explains, the “lowest components of the meals chain.” John B. and his friends venture on a journey to seek the actuality behind his father’s disappearance and must confront the rival Kooks, as what begins as a curious quest changes into a deadly treasure hunt.
From the eyes of the Outer Banks Season 3 trailer, everything is about to change for this band of misfits. After failing their gold to the Camerons and flowing ashore on a desert island last season, the Pogues are embarking on their greatest treasure hunt. This time, their quest will take them to El Dorado, the lost city of gold. From emotional family reunions to high-speed chases, the Season 3 trailer proves the Pogues have nothing left to lose.

In the new key art from Season 3, we see the treasure-hunting pack chilling in their idyllic new home, which they’ve deemed Poguelandia. They’ve got everything they need: a private island, a glowing sunset view, and each other’s company. It’s a peaceful place for romance and late nights around the fire. But this paradise won’t last long. “The stakes are ramping up,” said series creators Jonas Pate, Josh Pate, and Shannon Burke. “The Pogues realize that their experiences in the first two seasons were merely the opening to the granddaddy of all treasure hunts.”

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