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On August 13, 2021, Bugzy Malone will perform live at the A.O. Arena in Manchester. This event was selected as one of the biggest in the U.K., and fans are already preparing for a night full of energy and excitement.

Bugzy Malone has made a name for himself with his dazzling lyricism that captivates audiences everywhere he goes. His show at Manchester’s A.O. Arena will feature his most popular tracks and the latest material in what is sure to be an unforgettable night filled with memorable tunes. Get your tickets now to witness Bugzy Malone in action!

Bugzy Malone is an award-winning British rapper and musician known for his chart-topping singles and captivating live performances. On April 20, 2019, Malone took to the stage at the A.O. Arena in Manchester for a highly anticipated headline show. That was a true celebration of hip-hop, grime, and U.K. culture as Bugzy put on an incredible show that left his loyal fans talking about it long after it had finished.

The final date of his time was held in the A.O. arena on Saturday, December 4 – and set to be a milestone date for the self-proclaimed King Of The North, as he gratitude the city in which he was born and bred for its support.

Before running on tour, Manchester Evening News sat down with Bugzy to talk all things music, fashion, and of course, Manchester.

Here’s what he told us.

How do you feel about your final tour?

“Honestly, I’ve still got a few more songs I need to learn, so I’m looking to rehearse while doing all my interviews. In Manchester, I’m on stage for 75 minutes, so it’s a lot of words, you understand.

Do you usually have to learn the words last minute? Do you thrive under pressure?

“Do you know what it is? I don’t pre-write my lyrics. When I make songs, I just put a beat on. Every so often, I write poems, but most of the time, I just put a beating on and like to freestyle.

“And by the time it all comes, I have to learn the whole thing because I never knew it to start with.”

Your lyrics are very passionate and from the heart – do you think that’s why?

“Yeah, because, I mean, there’s something to be said about seeing something for the first time.

Seeing something for the first time has its energy, whereas if it’s pre-planned, you have to figure out how to say certain words, and then the presentation and everything else becomes a little staged.

“Then you might be trying to make yourself sound a bit cooler than you are and stuff like that.

“Whereas when you’re just in the studio, and you’re feeling the emotion because it’s the first time you’ve ever said it out loud. Yeah, that creates a certain special energy.”

What’s your favorite beat that you’ve you’ve worked on?

“You know, I was thinking about that in my head. It might be the Resurrection album intro beat, and it’s an emotional one, and I found it preItelming when I first heard it.”
What do you think bout that sort of emotion in music nowadays?

“I mean, I don’t know because it varies across genres, and I’m not listening to all of what people are releasing, but I do know that people are very self-conscious about looking cool themselves because of Instagram and TikTok, and those platforms encourage you to be the most excellent version yourself and to post your best life. That reflects in people’s music sometimes.

“Whereas with me, it’s just been important to tell the true story. And I’ve just had that going on for a while. So that’s my approach.”

It is said that I am the king of the north.

Growing up in Crumpsall, Bugzy Malone is a born-and-bred, loud, and proud Mancunian.

He dubbed ‘King of the North’ – also the name of his chart-topping E.P. – a title he takes seriously.

“I see it as my duty to do well for the north so that people will follow me and take me seriously,” he tells us.”

It was my genre of music anyway that first got the attention of what was a London-centric industry. Of course, there was Oasis and other bands.

He says he must present himself well in the north so people can take me seriously when they come after me.”

He name-checks a few rising stars from our region – Moston-born Aitch and ‘very talented’ rapper Meekz Manny.

“All I would say to them guys is ‘Keep going,'” he says.

“The talent’s in Manchester, but the belief system’s not.

I’m hoping to show that As I perform at my hometown arena, I want to show that it can do. I can do it. It’s been six years since I last performed there.”

Wouldn’t it be great if I headlined the Manchester Arena?

Manchester’s massive A.O. The first solo artist to hold the title was Bugsy Malone.

Even though it’s a big undertaking to perform in front of 21,000 people, he’s prepared to do it.

He asks, “Who better to headline the Manchester Arena than me, the first rapper in my genre.”

“As you know, Manchester’s a unit. To stand there with my audience, a loyal bunch of individuals.

“They’re people – the people I got on the bus with, the people I rode the tram with, the people I walked in the Arndale with; that’s profound.”.

Bugzy Malone has been making waves in the music industry, doing an impressive collection of shows at the A.O. Arena in Manchester over the past year. The rapper has sold out this venue, and his fans have given him an entertaining experience each time.

He has performed some of his most famous songs, like “Through the Night,” “Love Me Not,” and “M.E.N. III,” as part of his performance, and it’s clear to see why he is rapidly gaining popularity throughout the country. His energy on stage is electrifying, and his lyrics draw attention to issues close to home; whether it’s violence, mental health, or gun crime in Manchester, Bugzy is drawing attention to those topics that matter in a meaningful way through his music. Fans who have attended shows at the A.O. Arena can see just how exciting a Bugzy Malone performance can be and understand why he’s gaining traction so quickly all over the United Kingdom.

Bugzy Malone brings his unique style of U.K. rap and grime music to the Ao Arena for one night. The Manchester-based rapper is set to hit the stage in February, performing some of his greatest hits like ‘Through The Night,’ as well as new material from his upcoming album ‘The Return of the Rageaholic.’ Their deep lyrical content, catchy hooks, and hard drums have earned them success on both sides of the Atlantic.

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