Who won the Atherstone Ball Game in 2022?


The Atherstone Ball Game is a traditional football game played annually on Shrove Tuesday in Atherstone, Warwickshire, England. It has been played for hundreds of years and is known for its unique rules, including that there are no teams and one must carry the ball to goals at opposite town ends. The event attracts thousands of spectators and participants yearly, a significant cultural and historical tradition in the region. Suppose you are interested in attending the Atherstone Ball Game in 2022. In that case, I suggest looking for more information closer to the event date, as it may be subject to change depending on local circumstances and regulations.

However, assuming that the Atherstone Ball Game will continue to be held annually, the next event will likely occur in 2022. The Atherstone Ball Game is a traditional event on Shrove Tuesday in Atherstone in Warwickshire, England, where participants try to score goals with a ball passed through the town’s streets. It is a long tradition held for centuries and a popular event in the local community. If you want to attend the Atherstone Ball Game, check the official website or social media pages for updates on the next event date and details.

The Atherstone Ball Game is a centuries-old event every Shrove Tuesday. The game involves hundreds of players on the town’s streets. The game’s objective is to carry a heavy ball, which is about the size of a football but much more severe, through the streets and throw it into one of two goals at either end of the town. The game lasts for two hours and is known for being a chaotic and physical event, with players pushing and shoving each other to gain possession of the ball.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many events, including the Atherstone Ball Game, have been canceled or postponed in 2020 and 2021. It is best to check with the organizers or local authorities for the latest updates on whether the event will occur in 2022.

Historically, the Atherstone Ball Game is held annually on Shrove Tuesday, which falls on March 7, 2022. The game is a traditional event in Atherstone, Warwickshire, England, and involves hundreds of people playing a chaotic and rough game with a large ball. It is a longstanding tradition that dates back over 800 years and has become a special event for locals and visitors alike.

Local authorities and event organizers should be contacted for information and updates regarding the Atherstone Ball Game in 2022, including any potential cancellations or changes caused by COVID-19.

Traditionally, the Atherstone Ball Game is played annually on Shrove Tuesday, which falls on a different date each year. Therefore, the Atherstone Ball Game in 2022 will depend on the date of Shrove Tuesday that year. Check the official Atherstone Ball Game website or social media pages for updates on the date and details of the event.

The Atherstone Ball Game is an annual event in Atherstone, Warwickshire, England, on Shrove Tuesday (February or March). The game involves participants carrying a large ball through the town streets, with opposing teams trying to gain control and score points by touching it against designated landmarks. The origins of the Atherstone Ball Game are unclear, but the event has been held for several centuries and is a significant part of the town’s cultural heritage. If the event was in 2022, check local news or the official Atherstone Ball Game website for more information.

The Atherstone Ball Game is an annual event in Atherstone, Warwickshire, England, on Shrove Tuesday. It involves a large ball being thrown into a crowd, who then attempt to carry or throw the ball to designated goals at the town’s opposite ends.

Throughout Atherstone’s history and culture, the game has been played for over 800 years. It is known for its rough and tumble nature, and participants are advised to wear protective clothing.

If you are interested in attending the Atherstone Ball Game in the future, check online for updates and information closer to the event date.

How does the Atherstone Ball Game work?

Annual Atherstone Ball Game in Warwickshire town Atherstone is a medieval football match. Every year on Shrove Tuesday, which can fall between February 2 and March 9, it is customary to play this game.

Long Street, Atherstone’s major thoroughfare, is the action’s hub. “The Connie,” the town’s Conservative Club, hosts a Shrove Tuesday ball throw every year at 3 pm. A famous person usually throws it with ties to the area.

As the whistle blows at 5 pm, the Atherstone Ball Game ends. Whoever controls the ball when the whistle is blown is the winner of the game.

The Atherstone Ball Game crowned its 823rd winner following the organized melee in Long Street.

Business owners in the nearby town of Warwickshire boarded up their windows in anticipation of the two-hour rush.

Police in the county said no arrests had been made in response to reports of violence during the event.

Several businesses closed for the afternoon as they prepared for the historic event on Long Street. Life as we knew it stopped once more in the heart of this Warwickshire town for the centuries-old tradition to take place.

Josh Sheldon of Grendon emerged victorious last year. He posed for pictures with the ball before presenting it to Lee ‘Razor’ Rolinson, whose brother and former ball game-winner Mark tragically passed away following an eight-month battle with cancer in 2021.

After months of anticipation, the coveted event got underway at 3 pm, following local tradition, before the whistle was blown and the winner decided at 5 pm. And it was Kieran Marshall who emerged with the ball when they brought the game to a dramatic and instead bruising conclusion.

This year, the ball, sponsored by Atherstone residents, paid homage to King Charles I.

It ended at 17:00 GMT when Lewis Cooper was declared the winner because he had the ball when the final whistle sounded.

“It’s pure fighting; there are no rules. But it’s done in a very organized way.”

“We are aware that yesterday’s annual Atherstone Ball Game event was violent,” Warwickshire Police said in response to reports of violence. In connection with the event, no arrests have been made.

In a Facebook post, Atherstone & Coleshill Police announced the community was praised for coming together and the day was a success.

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