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There are a lot of Stranger Things bath bombs available on Etsy when searching online for items inspired by the show. All of the products on Etsy say that they are made from “lush” or “ceramic” so it is assumed that the products are bath bomb alternatives to the bath bomb. There are many options for bath bombs on Etsy. One Etsy shop makes bath bombs with “3D printed resin” that are supposed to feel like a bubble bath when held. Another Etsy shop sells a set of 3D-printed candles, which would also be another option for a bath bomb.

Stranger Things fans spend up to an hour binge-watching Netflix’s first four seasons and waiting patiently for season five to arrive. The bestselling merchandise related to the thriller sci-fi series is its cult- following; with ‘stranger things’ mugs, t-shirts, and other merch already in high demand.

The only difference being one is a representation of a certified organic adhesive that can be used as an aromatic. Other retailers have sold sets of items similar to them but deem them as traditional oven door gaskets for kitchen cabinets or stinky things in your shoes but nothing about any of it is right (since they are not).

Listed below are some things you need to know.

Especially with Stranger Things Day just around the corner, Lush Cosmetics just released an all-new, limited-edition bathing duo.

Dubbed ‘The Hellfire Club Bathing Duo,’ the new release includes two limited-edition, handmade bath bombs that draw from the latest season of the Netflix show. The pack also comes complete with two collectible playing cards, compatible with the Dungeons and Dragons game that’s played in the show.

First up is the D8 bath bomb, a 3D replica of the eight-sided dice used by the Hellfire Club to play Dungeons and Dragons, featuring numbers relating to the show like 11, and 29 — which is the beginning of Lush’s first-ever shop address. Waves of peppermint are unleashed in this bath bomb, complete with Lush fans’ favorite fragrance: Intergalactic.

The second in the duo is ‘The Rift,’ a pitch-black bath bomb that appears to split on the surface, only to reveal a red and orange fire bubbling underneath. Developed with a spicy scent and warming aromas, the bath bomb crackles, swirls and pops in the water.

“When things feel strange, there’s no shame in running a bath,” says Lush’s Concepts Creative Director, Melody Morton, in a statement about the collaboration.

A bath bomb is an herbal bath additive, traditionally in the form of a gelatinous cube-like or Rounded object, which releases fragrant fizzing and often colorful effervescence after coming into contact with water.

Typically used during a hot bath or at the spa during a massage, the products are designed to look like fluorescent ice cubes sitting contentedly in a batch of just-thawed Epsom salt.

Stranger Things fans can barely contain themselves for Christmas morning now as this season brings them new additions to the surprisingly popular list of Stranger Things-themed products. With tons of adorable toys and other great items on your list this year, don’t forget about getting out your holiday spirit with these awesomely weird Stranger Things Bath Bombs!

August 29th seemed like any other day — until strange ripples rolled in from another dimension onto social media feeds everywhere. Fans across Philadelphia learned that very evening that there was more than one type of limited edition Steel Smartie in this world. On the 30th, a new image of the elusive second type of Steel Smartie was shared on Twitter, this time featuring Pennywise in his clown mask. Then it happened again — another new image appeared that contained both versions of the limited edition Steel Smartie.

The series of images continued to metamorphose over the following days, with each one revealing a different take on what will surely become one of Stephen King’s most iconic creations. The “clown” is finally revealed in the latest image. This is quite a departure from previous images that have shown the menacing killer as a malevolent, ax-wielding figure. Also, it’s not immediately clear whether this is Pennywise himself or some other entity related to him. In any case, it’s certainly a chilling image and one that will no doubt make readers more eager to find out what exactly is going on.

The Hellfire Club Bathing Duo is based on popular motifs seen in the last season of the Netflix series and includes a ‘D8’ bath bomb, which is a 3D replica of the eight-sided dice used by the Hellfire Club to play Dungeons and Dragons, featuring numbers relating to the show and Lush, such as 11 representing the name of the main character who has supernatural powers, and 29, which is the address of Lush’s first ever shop in Poole, Dorset UK.

The D8 has been designed to roll into warm waters to unleash two colorful paths and is scented with Lush fan-favorite fragrance Intergalactic.

The other bath bomb is ‘The Rift,’ a black design with a split revealing a fury of red and orange fire bubbling beneath the surface. This bomb has a spicy scent and warming aromas and will crackle, swirl, and pop in the waters.

Commenting on the collaboration, Melody Morton, concepts creative director at Lush, said in a statement: “We were in awe of the popularity of Stranger Things Season 4 so are excited about this launch and hope the community is going to love it as much as we do.

Fans loved the character’s passion for all things heavy metal and Dungeons and Dragons, with Hellfire Club merchandise spanning from clothing to a new Lush bath bomb.

To celebrate Stranger Things Day – the date in 1983 that Will Byers first went missing – on November 6, Lush released a limited edition bathing duo inspired by the show.

The collaboration is made up of a set of two bombs and features some of the franchise’s most popular motifs, so you can turn a standard soak into something far stranger indeed.

The Hellfire Club Bathing Duo costs £15 and includes the D8 and The Rift bath bombs alongside a couple of collectible extras, all of which are exclusively available on the Lush UK and North America websites.

The D8 is a 3D replica of the eight-sided dice used by the Hellfire Club to play Dungeons and Dragons, featuring numbers like 11 harking back to the show.

It has the same scent as the Intergalactic bath bomb, with tingly peppermint and grapefruit to get you feeling wide awake and ready to take on Vecna.

The Rift is a pitch-black bath bomb with a fiery orange split down the middle that’s reminiscent of Hawkins’ gateway to the Upside Down.

Its spicy scent features Brazilian orange oil and cinnamon while popping candy conjures images of the gang bravely defending their town from the Mind Flayer.

The most searched series on the Netflix platform is Stranger Things. Unknown to many, they also love the fan merchandise. This article lists and discusses Stranger Things Bath Bombs as well as some other items that are perfect for fans of this favorite show.

With its themes of science, friendship, and parenting, these seven bath bombs evoke nostalgia while engaging audiences of all ages. The only thing better than lounging in a bubble bath after watching or reading Stranger Things is one of these scented cherry blossom or sea salt baths with a voluptuous chocolate bar from Catchoo Chocolates to satisfy your sweet tooth afterward!

Stranger Things merchandise, such as bath bombs, has been gaining popularity.

Stranger Things merchandise was introduced on March 15th with the release of their merchandise. They sold upwards of 20,000 trial bath products to try and out and will continue to do so for the remainder of their time on shelves. Niche buyers for this product can become youth that is not a fan or see the show well up North East or East coast within proximity from the Bob’s Burger location itself in Long Island City, NY. Lakeside Amusement Park which was shot in Illinois is also a popular destination among followers who are excited yet unaware of what awaits them at the theme park located some 80 miles outside of Cleveland, Ohio.

The show’s main cast is also launching a collectible line of vinyl figures. During July 2018, Emoji Friends LLC released a limited-edition series of Stranger Things pins, including Nancy Wheeler, Chief Hopper, Eleven from season 1, and Dustin Henderson from season 2. The pins were only available at Target stores. They will also be released in Australia and Singapore.

Bath bombs have come a long way from the days of boring, simple salts. Stranger Things Bath Bombs fuse science and beauty to create irresistible fragrances for more than just your tub.

Created by scientists, engineers, perfumers, and trendsetters who are also moms like you, every single Stranger Things bath dash is made with skin-loving ingredients that unfold into a true escape experience as it melts into your bath water. The patented bath bomb technology we use creates a wide variety of scents and colors, and only four different blends are available at any given time in each season. You can choose from exclusive scents sourced from all over the US and hand-mixed just for us right here in Pennsylvania.

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