A Guide to the Best Flooring in Liverpool


Choosing the right flooring in Liverpool is a crucial step in creating a space that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical and long-lasting. But with a plethora of options available, navigating the world of flooring in Liverpool can feel overwhelming. This comprehensive guide aims to shed light on the latest trends, address common questions, and ultimately lead you to the perfect flooring solution for your needs.

Liverpool’s flooring landscape features a diverse range of options, each with its unique advantages and drawbacks. Here’s a breakdown of the most popular choices:

1. Carpets:

  • Pros: Offers warmth, comfort, soundproofing, and a plethora of colors and designs to suit any taste.
  • Cons: Requires regular cleaning and maintenance, prone to staining, and not ideal for high-traffic areas or allergy sufferers.
  • Popular choices in Liverpool: Wool carpets for a luxurious feel, synthetic carpets for affordability and durability.

2. Hardwood Flooring:

  • Pros: Adds timeless elegance, increases home value, durable and easy to clean, suitable for allergy sufferers.
  • Cons: Relatively expensive, susceptible to scratches and water damage, requires regular maintenance.
  • Popular choices in Liverpool: Engineered wood for its stability and affordability, traditional solid wood for its timeless appeal.

3. Laminate Flooring:

  • Pros: Budget-friendly, easy to install and maintain, water-resistant, vast array of styles mimicking wood and stone.
  • Cons: Not as durable as real wood, can feel and sound cheap, prone to scratches and water damage if not installed correctly.
  • Popular choices in Liverpool: High-density fiberboard (HDF) laminate for its higher quality and durability, textured laminate for a more realistic wood-like appearance.

4. Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT):

  • Pros: Extremely versatile, water-resistant, easy to clean and maintain, durable and scratch-resistant, wide range of styles mimicking wood, stone, and tile.
  • Cons: Can be expensive, some types might require professional installation, potential off-gassing in lower-quality products.
  • Popular choices in Liverpool: Click-lock LVT for its easy installation, glue-down LVT for high-traffic areas and bathrooms, luxury vinyl planks (LVP) for a classic wood look.

5. Tiles:

  • Pros: Highly durable, water-resistant, low maintenance, vast array of colors, patterns, and finishes, suitable for allergies and high-traffic areas.
  • Cons: Can be cold underfoot, installation can be complex and require professional help, prone to cracking and chipping if dropped on.
  • Popular choices in Liverpool: Ceramic tiles for their affordability and wide variety, porcelain tiles for their superior strength and water resistance, natural stone tiles for a luxurious and unique appearance.

6. Vinyl Flooring:

  • Pros: Affordable, water-resistant, easy to clean and maintain, comfortable underfoot, suitable for high-traffic areas.
  • Cons: Can feel cheap and outdated, prone to tearing and peeling, not environmentally friendly due to difficulty in recycling.
  • Popular choices in Liverpool: Sheet vinyl for its affordability and waterproof qualities, vinyl composition tile (VCT) for its durability and practicality.

These categories offer a starting point, but remember, within each category, several sub-types and variations exist. Consulting with flooring specialists in Liverpool is highly recommended to explore specific options and receive expert advice based on your individual needs and budget.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Flooring in Liverpool

Before making your final decision, consider these crucial factors:

1. Budget: Flooring prices can vary significantly depending on the material, size, and brand. Define your budget upfront to guide your selection and avoid overspending.

2. Room Functionality: Different rooms require different flooring solutions. Consider high-traffic areas like kitchens and hallways that need durable and easy-to-clean options like tiles or LVT. Opt for softer, warmer choices like carpets or hardwood for bedrooms and living rooms focused on comfort and aesthetics.

3. Lifestyle: If you have pets or young children, choose a floor that’s stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, and easy to maintain. Allergic individuals might benefit from hard surfaces like wood, tile, and LVT.

4. Aesthetics: Consider the overall theme and style of your home. Choose flooring that complements your existing furniture, décor, and wall colors.

5. Durability: Opt for materials that can withstand the wear and tear of daily life. Consider the number of occupants, pets, and anticipated level of activity in each room.

6. Local Climate: Liverpool’s climate is temperate with moderate rainfall. However, if you live in a basement

  • Basement apartments: Opt for moisture-resistant materials like LVT, vinyl, or treated wood to avoid water damage and mold growth.

7. Sustainability: If environmental responsibility is a priority, consider eco-friendly options like recycled wood, cork flooring, or sustainably sourced bamboo.

8. Professional Installation: While some flooring options like laminate and vinyl planks are DIY-friendly, complex installations like tile might require professional help. Factor in the cost of installation when finalizing your budget.

Additional Resources and Tips for Choosing the Best Flooring in Liverpool:

  • Visit local showrooms: Seeing and feeling flooring samples in person helps you assess their texture, color, and overall aesthetics better than online photos.
  • Read online reviews: Check reviews of local flooring stores and installers to gain insights into customer experiences and choose reputable businesses.
  • Compare prices: Don’t settle for the first offer. Get quotes from several stores to compare prices and find the best deal.
  • Ask for warranties: Most flooring comes with warranties. Understand the terms and coverage of the warranty before making a purchase.
  • Consider underlayment: Underlayment provides additional comfort, soundproofing, and moisture protection. Choose the appropriate type based on your chosen flooring.
  • Think long-term: Flooring is a significant investment that can last for several years. Choose materials and styles that not only suit your current needs but also match your long-term vision for the space.

By considering these factors and utilizing the resources available, you can confidently navigate the world of flooring in Liverpool and find the perfect solution that enhances both the style and functionality of your home.

When it comes to flooring in Liverpool, several reputable shops offer a diverse selection and expert advice to help you find the perfect fit for your home. Here are some of the most popular ones:

1. Longstaffes Flooring Superstore: Established in 1969, Longstaffes is a local favorite known for its extensive showroom showcasing carpets, laminates, and even artificial grass. They cater to both residential and commercial projects, offering competitive pricing and friendly customer service. Visit their website or pop into their Liverpool store for a comprehensive selection and knowledgeable staff ready to assist you.

  • Address: Speke Road, Liverpool, L24 8RJ
  • Contact: +44 151 525 5235
  • Price Range: Varies depending on chosen material, size, and brand. Expect to find options for various budgets.
  • Reviews: 4.4 stars (261 reviews) – Customers praise the extensive variety, competitive prices, and helpful staff.

2. Mersey Flooring: This family-run business boasts a long history in Liverpool, starting in 2000 with a focus on laminate flooring. Today, they’ve expanded their offerings to include a wide range of wooden flooring options, including solid wood, engineered wood, and even accessories like MDF moldings. Their website provides valuable resources and showcases their work, while their Aintree showroom allows you to experience the products firsthand.

  • Address: Stephenson Way, Aintree, Liverpool, L9 9PF
  • Contact: +44 151 525 4271
  • Price Range: Varies based on chosen wood type, thickness, and finish. Generally considered competitive within the wooden flooring market.
  • Reviews: 4.8 stars (57 reviews) – Customers emphasize the excellent customer service, knowledgeable staff, and high-quality products.

3. Princess Flooring: With a reputation for exceptional customer service and a focus on quality, Princess Flooring is a trusted option for many Liverpool residents. They specialize in carpets, offering a vast array of styles and colors to suit any taste and budget. Their website features a user-friendly search tool to help you narrow down your choices, and their Liverpool store allows you to browse their collection and receive expert advice.

  • Address: 42 Allerton Road, Liverpool, L18 2DG
  • Contact: +44 151 709 4943
  • Price Range: Offers carpets catering to various budgets, from budget-friendly options to high-end luxury carpets.
  • Reviews: 4.9 stars (81 reviews) – Customers commend the exceptional customer service, high-quality carpets, and professional installation services.

4. Woolton Carpets: Established in 1962, Woolton Carpets is a family-owned business dedicated to providing quality flooring solutions. They offer a diverse selection beyond just carpets, including vinyl, laminate, rugs, and wood flooring. Their friendly staff can assist you in finding the perfect option for your needs, whether it’s budget-friendly vinyl or luxurious wool carpets. Visit their website for inspiration or head over to their Woolton store to explore their offerings in person.

  • Address: 232 Woolton Street, Woolton, Liverpool, L25 5PD
  • Contact: +44 151 428 2121
  • Price Range: Caters to diverse budgets with options across carpets, vinyl, laminates, rugs, and wood flooring.
  • Reviews: 5.0 stars (18 reviews) – Customers highlight the friendly and helpful staff, good quality products, and competitive prices.

5. Solomons Flooring Liverpool: This Australian flooring retailer also has a presence in Liverpool, offering a range of carpet, vinyl, laminate, hybrid, and engineered timber flooring options. Their modern and elegant showroom showcases the latest trends, and they even have a mobile showroom option for a convenient shop-at-home experience. Their website provides comprehensive information and allows you to browse their products before making a visit.

  • Address: Unit 8, Edge Lane Retail Park, Edge Lane, Liverpool, L7 0NQ
  • Contact: +44 151 222 1252
  • Price Range: Varies depending on the chosen flooring type and brand. They offer options across carpets, vinyl, laminates, hybrids, and engineered timber, catering to various budgets.
  • Reviews: 4.2 stars (150 reviews) – Customers appreciate the modern showroom, wide selection, and helpful staff.

These are just a few of the many popular flooring shops in Liverpool. Remember, the best option for you depends on your specific needs, budget, and preferences. Don’t hesitate to visit the websites, showrooms, or contact these businesses directly for personalized advice and to discover the perfect flooring solution for your Liverpool home.

FAQs about Flooring in Liverpool:

  • Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT): Offering realistic wood and stone looks, LVT is popular for its durability, water resistance, and ease of maintenance.
  • Hybrid Flooring: Combining the benefits of laminate and vinyl, hybrid flooring offers water resistance, scratch resistance, and a diverse range of styles.
  • Engineered Wood Flooring: Provides the beauty of real wood with increased stability and affordability compared to solid wood, making it ideal for modern homes.
  • Sustainable options: Eco-conscious individuals are opting for flooring made from recycled materials like bamboo or cork.

2. What type of flooring is best for basements in Liverpool?

Due to potential moisture concerns, consider water-resistant options like LVT, vinyl, or treated wood. Additionally, inquire about moisture barrier installation when choosing the flooring to further prevent moisture issues.

3. Where can I find inspiration for my flooring project in Liverpool?

  • Visit the showrooms of the shops mentioned above (Longstaffes, Mersey, Princess, Woolton, Solomons).
  • Browse online resources like Pinterest, Houzz, and Instagram for design inspiration.
  • Consult with interior designers or flooring professionals for personalized advice.

4. What are some tips for choosing the right flooring for my Liverpool home?

  • Consider your budget: Define your spending limit upfront to guide your selection and avoid overspending.
  • Think about functionality: Choose durable and easy-to-clean options for high-traffic areas like kitchens and hallways. Opt for comfort and aesthetics in living areas and bedrooms.
  • Factor in your lifestyle: If you have pets or children, prioritize stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, and easily maintainable materials.
  • Match the style: Select flooring that complements your existing furniture, décor, and overall aesthetic vision.
  • Seek professional advice: Don’t hesitate to consult with flooring professionals for guidance based on your specific needs and preferences.

5. How much does it cost to install new flooring in Liverpool?

The cost depends on several factors, including:

  • Material: Costs vary significantly between different flooring types like wood, vinyl, or LVT.
  • Size of the area: Larger areas naturally cost more to cover.
  • Complexity of installation: Some materials like tile require professional installation, increasing the cost.

6. What is the most durable flooring option for high-traffic areas in Liverpool?

For high-traffic areas like kitchens, hallways, and living rooms, LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile), porcelain tile, or engineered wood flooring are popular choices due to their durability, scratch-resistance, and water resistance.

7. What are eco-friendly flooring options available in Liverpool?

If environmental sustainability is a priority, consider recycled wood, cork flooring, or sustainably sourced bamboo. These options offer green alternatives to traditional materials.

8. What are the average costs of different flooring options in Liverpool?

MaterialEstimated Price Range per Square Meter
Ceramic Tile£20-£80+
Engineered Wood£30-£100+
Solid Wood£50-£150+

Please note: These are general estimates and the actual cost can vary depending on the specific material, brand, quality, and installation complexity.

It’s recommended to reach out to flooring companies for specific quotes based on your desired floor type and project scope.

By considering these questions and utilizing the available resources, you can make an informed decision and find the perfect flooring solution for your home in Liverpool.

Remember, choosing the best flooring is a personal decision. Embrace the exploration process, research thoroughly, and seek expert advice if needed. With the information provided in this guide, you can step into a space that reflects your unique style and satisfies your specific needs.

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