UK Used Construction Equipment Market Assessments Report 2022-2027 Government Investment for Housing Development Projects to Spur Growth


Rising government investment in Affordable Housing & National Health Schemes expects to drive the UK’s used construction equipment sales during the forecast period. The United Kingdom used building equipment market by volume is expected to cross 20,918 units by 2028. In 2021, the government prepared to invest USD 900 billion in infrastructure development projects across the UK for the...

The dwarf fortress tileset highlights new art and menus by taking the bins out


As written about before, Dwarf Fortress tileset is bringing a Steam escape with an official tileset, a new UI, and mouse controls. The latest video from Kitfox Games, handling the polished release, features original DF co-creator Zach Adams speaking through new menus and artwork while taking his fort’s bins out. I forget to take the bins out before bin day and am frequently too lazy to do...

Supermarket garden furniture: the best guide to Asda, Aldi and Tesco outdoor ranges for summer 2022


Buying supermarket garden furniture during your weekly shop is not only convenient, but it can be cheaper than bigger brands too. We found a selection of rattan-style bistro sets from Aldi for under £100, while other retailers sell similar items for hundreds more. To help inspire your garden makeover, we’ve rounded-up what to expect from the outdoor ranges from several supermarkets...

Coronavirus: should I let an tradesperson or engineer into my home?


Where does it leave you if you’re about to have work done on your home, you’re halfway through a renovation or you’re faced with an emergency such as a boiler breakdown? We talk you through the points you should consider and how you can protect your household.4 How could you limit the risks of using a trader or engineer? The current government advice is for everyone in the UK...

Can the Lidl Silvercrest Multi-Functional pressure cooker rival the Instant Pot?


Retailing at £59.99, this multi-cooker promises several cooking functions in one appliance: a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker and steamer. But how does it compare with the biggest name in the pressure cooker market – the Instant Pot? We don’t expect Lidl’s multi-cooker to be available in stores for long. Head to our round-up of the best electric pressure cookers...

Best passion fruit martini cocktail cans


We asked a panel of consumers to blind taste and rate passion fruit martini cocktails from 10 different brands, from big hitters such as Absolut and Smirnoff to supermarket options from the likes of Asda, Lidl and M&S. While Aldi reigns supreme, there are other more widely available options that also went down well with our tasters – and some big brands that disappointed. You’ll...

Best iced coffees revealed: Starbucks vs Costa


Don’t just grab the nearest one though, as our taste test found there are big differences in how much they cost, how much sugar they contain and how tasty they are. We asked a panel of consumers to blind-taste and rate six readymade iced latte coffees to find the best options for when you need a cool caffeine hit in a hurry. Big brands Starbucks and Costa fared very differently, topping and...

Best Colombian ground coffee: the supermarket versions that beat Taylors


If it’s Lidl’s, M&S or Sainsbury’s, the answer is yes, as ground Colombian coffee from these retailers beat big coffee brands in our latest consumer taste test. Single-origin coffees are a step up from your everyday brew, with flavour profiles distinct to the area in which the coffee beans were grown, making them ideal for those looking to upgrade to something a bit more...

Asda microwaves are cheap, but are they worth buying?


Perhaps you feel there’s a minimum amount you should spend to guarantee a good microwave, or maybe you’re worried that unbranded appliances won’t last. We’ve tested cheap Asda microwaves, as well as models from Argos, Ikea and Wilko that cost less than £50, to find out whether low-cost microwaves are worth considering. Keep reading to get our verdict on budget microwaves...

Are the Aldi leaf blower and hedge trimmer any good?


These latest garden tools are available to pre-order now, or pick up in store from 20 September 2020, so you can spend the heatwave tidying your garden for autumn. We tried out these tools to see if they’re worth a spot in your garden shed. Aldi Ferrex Cordless Grass/Hedge Trimming Shears £25 You’d be pushed to find any hedge trimmer for £25, let alone a cordless model. So what do you...


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