Ooni pizza ovens can cook normal pizzas, right?


The Ooni Pizza Oven Bundle is a popular package that includes an Ooni Pizza Oven with various accessories and tools that can enhance your pizza-making experience. Ooni is a brand known for its portable and high-quality pizza ovens, which allow you to cook restaurant-quality pizzas in your backyard or outdoors.

The company was established in 2012 by husband and wife team Kristian Tapaninahoe, natives of Finland, and Darina Garland. The company was formed around the invention of the Tapaninaho, the world’s first portable and affordable wood-fired oven suitable for high-temperature baking up to 500 °C (932 °F) for cooking pizza and other food items. It has won several awards, including the Retailer’s Choice Award at Glee Birmingham 2015.

While I don’t have access to real-time product information, I can give you general details on what a typical Oni Pizza Oven bundle might include based on previous offerings:

Ooni Pizza Oven: The bundle usually includes an Ooni Pizza Oven as the centrepiece. Ooni offers various models, such as Ooni 3, Ooni Koda, Ooni Pro, or Ooni Karu. Each model has its specifications and unique features, so check the specific model included in the bundle.

Accessories: The bundle may include a range of accessories to complement the pizza oven, such as:

Pizza Peel: Pizza peels slide pizzas in and out of the oven. It is usually wood or metal and helps the pizza move safely.

Pizza Stone or Baking Board: A pizza stone or baking board creates a hot, evenly heated surface to bake pizza. This helps in achieving a crispy crust.

Cover or carry bag: Some bundles may include a protective cover or tote bag for convenient storage and transportation of the pizza oven.

Thermometer: An oven thermometer can be incorporated to monitor and confirm the temperature inside the furnace’s optimal cooking conditions.

Cleaning tools: Some bundles may provide cleaning tools such as brushes or scrapers to help maintain the oven and keep it in good condition.

Pizza Tools: To help you make the perfect pizza, the bundle may include additional tools such as a pizza cutter, a dough scraper, or a pizza stone brush for cleaning and maintenance.

Recipe Books or Guides: Many bundles include recipe books or guides that provide inspiration and instructions for making delicious pizzas and other dishes that can be cooked in the Unni Pizza Oven.

Please note that the specific content of an Ooni Pizza Oven Bundle may vary depending on the retailer, region or any promotional offers available at the time of purchase. Getting accurate and up-to-date information about the bundle you’re interested in is always a good idea by checking the product listings.

Before testing the Ooni Fyra 12, I didn’t think I’d mastered pizza this year. Pizza is available everywhere in New York City, which allows me to have access to various delicious and affordable pizzas. So outside of throwing together the occasional cast-iron pie, I’ve never felt the need to employ the skill at home. In particular, I assumed that the fancy leopard-spot wood-fired pizzas offered at my favourite restaurants were beyond my (and my apartment’s) means. Why try to do something that I can never do halfway?

But it’s hard to ignore the Ooni Pizza Oven wave. The Scotland-based company, which exploded onto the scene with its first model in 2012, has exploded in popularity recently. It now offers seven models ranging in price from $349 to $999, from gas-fired pizza ovens like the Ooni Koda 12 to multi-fuel pizza ovens like the Ooni Karu 16, compatible with wood, charcoal and propane. Almost all of these models are only suitable for outdoor use (except the Volt 12, Ooni’s recently launched electric oven). From the marketing, no matter your access to the outdoors (photos of fire escape pizza and camping trip cookouts adorn their Instagram) and your comfort level with live fire cooking, there’s an Oni for you. I decided to take that gamble.

Wood or gas-fired – is there any difference in performance or taste?

They are cooked with wood resulting in a subtle, wood-fired flavour. There’s something special about wood-fired cooking – the aromas and sounds can add to the overall cooking experience.

Gas is a convenient fuel source for cooking foods that require low, constant temperatures. The temperature of your Oni oven can be easily controlled using the gas control dial and requires no maintenance while cooking.

The fuel choice is entirely up to you and the cooking experience you’re looking for – all Uoni pizza ovens are excellent!

What can I cook in this pizza oven?

Ooni Pizza Ovens can cook all kinds of food, including different pizza styles, bread, desserts, meat, fish, and vegetables.

Our larger 16-inch ovens are more suitable for some loaves due to the tall ceiling inside the range. Only cook pizza and dry bread-based foods on the stone baking board. If you cook meat, vegetables or other foods, use one of our Ooni Cast Iron series or other products.

If you need any inspiration, see some of our recipes!

Ensure your oven is completely cool before wiping away any ink or debris. Never expose hot parts of the stove to moisture.

Using a dry paper towel, wipe the oven’s inside surface.

When cool, wipe the outside of the Oni Oven with a damp cloth to dry completely. Stainless steel exterior surfaces can be cleaned using a stainless steel cleaner to remove any spots or stains.

How Do I Clean My Stone Baking Board?

You can clean Your stone baking board by running your Uoni pizza oven on high. If you need to remove hard-to-blitz debris from the stone, use our Oni Pizza Oven Brush or a similar stiff bristle grill brush.

After each cook, once your oven has completely cooled down, you can flip the stone baking board over to start fresh the next time you cook – the high temperature inside your Uoni Pizza Oven will naturally clean the bottom.

Lightweight and compact, the Ooni Fyra 12 portable pizza oven can be toted up and down from the ceiling when needed. It is the least-expensive model that the company currently sells. And best of all, it’s fueled by firewood that you feed into a funnel behind the stove. Do not light fires, rearrange charcoal or logs, or (god forbid) touch propane tanks in any way.

When the oven arrived at my house, I made a batch of pizza dough, took it to the roof and started baking. The rest—trial and error, lots of pizza, multiple rooftop parties, lots of praise and a declaration that summer 2022 is the summer of homemade pizza, at least in my house—is history.

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