High fat, sugar, and salt taxes are being called for by a UK food giant


Danone UK & Ireland, one of the country’s biggest food firms, has called for higher taxes on products high in fat, sugar, or salt. The company says government intervention is required to ensure consumers are offered healthier products. In a letter to the government, Danone UK & Ireland president James Mayer said: “The UK food industry’s efforts to improve the health...

Ooni pizza ovens can cook normal pizzas, right?


The Ooni Pizza Oven Bundle is a popular package that includes an Ooni Pizza Oven with various accessories and tools that can enhance your pizza-making experience. Ooni is a brand known for its portable and high-quality pizza ovens, which allow you to cook restaurant-quality pizzas in your backyard or outdoors. The company was established in 2012 by husband and wife team Kristian Tapaninahoe...

Can you explain why American Chinese food has shocked the British?


American and British Chinese food is very different, shocking and surprising many Americans when they first encountered British Chinese food. One of the main reasons for the difference is the history of Chinese immigration to the two countries. The first Chinese immigrants to the US came primarily from southern China in the 1840s. These immigrants brought their cuisine, which was based on...

A review of Active Keto Gummies UK (Dragons Den What is the real price of Active Keto Gummies UK (Dragons Den Keto Gummies)?


In addition to being a scientifically tested and validated weight loss formula, Active Keto Gummies UK also focuses on removing all the excess fat from the body. It is a healthy formula that reduces unwanted body fat and contains nutrients that control obesity, and here is the full-spectrum BHB blend. Active Keto Gummies UK Review: It aims to reduce weight and provide a slender physique...

Pizza In the U.K. Costs 20 Pound. A Trips To Italy For A Slice Cost Him Less


Pizza is and always be the ultimate comfort food for all. This cheesy delight wins our hearts in every single bite. And let’s agree. We often travel to the farthest eaterie in town to enjoy our favorite pizza. But a man from the United Kingdom took his love for pizza a step ahead. He traveled to a new country for a slice of pizza. You hear us. Recognized as Callum Ryan, the person flew from...

How do you make Prince Harry’s Chicken Pie ?


Prince Harry made yet another appearance and landed on H.M.S. Invincible to surprise a crew member during their dinner break. Dinner time in camp has always been important for each team member.” “Some say Harry got the advice from a fellow serviceman who serves in 17th Lancers or another H.M.G.’s staff.” Prince Harry has never been afraid of trying new things, which is why...



This may not come under the strictest terms for a cheap dinner idea as it was a little expensive fish and chips are no longer cheap especially Rick Chips anywhere. Anyway, out in Cornwall in October / November, it is no surprise that the weather is a little cold, wet, windy, and small behind all, it is the UK and even our summers are that way. So to break the day up and try the weather somewhere...

Best Brunei Buttermilk Chicken Recipe


This is the first recipe from the Southeast Asian country of Brunei on! Not to be confused with actual buttermilk, the name of this recipe refers to the sauce made out of butter and evaporated milk. Their chilies, curry leaves, and sugar are added, making this sauce sweet and spicy. Little pieces of boneless fried chicken get tossed in the sauce and served with a steamed green...

Here are 2 Tanya Burr cookie recipes that will make you fall in love with chocolate


She is a British-born Youtuber and actress. Her interest in baking led her to discover and recreate many recipes, of which the cookie recipes became the most famous. Though she remains popular in the screen world, her time in the kitchen has not gone unnoticed as well.  She has managed to carve a niche for herself in both fields. One of her favorite things to do in autumn and winter is...

Schwarz-Weiß Geback German Christmas Biscuit


This time and time again, the Germans go fantastic for their Christmas biscuits! Today sharing a recipe for another classic Schwarz-Weiß Giveback. Those with a bit of knowledge of the German lingo might already roughly know what it translates to as black-and-white biscuits.How these biscuits get their name is pretty obvious half of the biscuit dough is colored white the other half is chocolate...


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