The teacher bangs off after cursing at pupils and boasting about their sex life


A teacher has been struck off for cursing at pupils and bragging about her sex life.
English teacher Julia Wheeler swore at classmates and told them about her “friends with benefits” relationship.
A fitness to practice hearing was told that Wheeler wrote next to one pupil’s name on a mark sheet – and even circled the word.
Assistant headteacher Catherine Tobin said to cover Wheeler was raised at Pencoed Comprehensive School in Bridgend, South Wales when 10 schoolchildren made statements against her.
Students assert the 40-year-old called them, at Pencoed Comprehensive School in Bridgend, South Wales.
They also said she “cry in their faces” at the school and “pushed chairs onto the floor” in the classroom.
One pupil said Wheeler decrease them to tears saying: “She once shouted at me so much I cried.”
The Education Workforce Council panel heard Wheeler begin teaching at the school in September 2020 but complaints were made just eight months later.

Tobin said pupils claimed Wheeler told them about a personal relationship

They said she also referred to another member of staff during a series of inappropriate comments between January and May 2021.
Tobin told the hearing she had probed most of the pupils and that the allegations were “the first time she had heard anything like it” in her 30 years in education.
Tobin was also made aware of a mark sheet used by the school’s care to track pupils’ progress which included Wheeler’s writing.
She said that written next to one pupil’s name was the word with a circle around it.
Tobin said: “In no way would I anticipate anybody to refer to an apprentice by that term. It was wholly unfitting.”
The hearing was told Wheeler said the mark sheet was “never calculated” to go any further than her and the colleague who gave it to her.
Peter Walsh also discussed his own drug use with pupils, renamed the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles “Teenage Minge” and told students it was their human right” to go to the toilet during class time.

The English teacher conducted his own defense in front

The General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) but was so disruptive he was barred from his own hearing.
Mr. Walsh, who worked as a supply teacher in Edinburgh, moved to Scotland after he was taught by the profession’s watchdog south of the border.
The 60-year-old, from Penicuik, Midlothian, was working as a donate teacher at Broughton High School, Edinburgh, in February 2015, when the incidents happened.
At the hearing in Edinburgh last month was told he referred to a drawing as looking like ‘testes’ and referred to some department heads as not having a clue”.
Curriculum head of English, Nicola Daniel, told the audience
: “Pupils would describe that Mr. Walsh would swear at the school gates and give them ciggy.”
She added: “They thought it was great fun to be told they could go to the toilet whenever they wanted because it was their human right.
“Three girls in my top set S3 class said he had been using bad speech and told them that he had had an addiction to drugs.

“The girls said Mr. Walsh had gone on to discuss drug dependence and had gone on to discuss having sex behind a tree and other encounters.”
Outside the Edinburgh hearing in March, Mr. Walsh claimed: “The teaching profession is full of bullies. How can you condemn personage just on anecdotes? You’d have a better chance if you were up for murder.
“I’ve lived a wild life and that’s what made me the great teacher that I was with the kids.
“I know all about drugs and I think it’s my civic duty to tell pupils If I know something.”
But in their written decision the GTCS said Mr. Walsh had used “unfitting and offensive language with pupils and debate drugs, sex, and his personal life in a manner which failed to maintain professional boundaries”.
This, and other failings, risked undermining “public belief in teaching as a profession” and Mr. Walsh “failed to act as a role model to pupils”.

They added: “The Panel was of the view that in all of the circumstances, the Teacher’s conduct fell significantly short of the standards expected.
“There was no evidence before the Panel to allow it to conclude that the behavior had been remedied or that the Teacher was taking steps to remedy the conduct. The Teacher had shown no insight into his behavior.”
In addition, they said, Mr. Walsh “had no intuition into the conduct and had no remorse. Having regard to these factors, the Panel contemplates it highly likely that the conduct would recur.”
Mr. Walsh was sacked from his location at Churchill Community College, Wallsend, North Tyneside, in 2003 for swearing at a teacher.

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